Our homeland until December is going to bring into orbit more than 20 vehicles gallakticheskih

Our homeland in the coming three months, plans to meet about half the 10-s gallakticheskih starts with 3 spaceports. This was said to "Interfax" a source in the space industry.

According to him, "outlines 10 launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, three — from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region and one — from Kourou in French Guiana."

According to him, in September from the Baikonur cosmodrome is planned run satellite for the Defense Ministry by the carrier rocket "Proton-M" and the upper stage "Breeze-M".

"In addition, on September 25 planned start navigation satellite "Glonass-M" from Plesetsk

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The World Economic Forum named Zworykin Prize Laureate global leader

Nicholas Dobrovolsky, Zworykin Award Winner 2008, the creator of ParallelsDesktop software for Mac, has won the prestigious award YoungGlobalLeaders, 2012, awarded by the World Economic Forum (WorldEconomicForum — WEF). The results were announced yesterday, March 6. Dobrowolski was one of three people in Russia and one of the 192 young leaders from 59 countries marked by this award.

YGL award is presented at the World Economic Forum's leaders under the age of 40 years for their outstanding achievements in the field of the management team, professional success and social responsibility. According to the prize committee, all the nominees are united

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Azarov told Kiev to non-international statements on Belarus

Society Such a statement condemning human rights violations in Belarus made today at the summit of the "Visegrad Four" in Bratislava, the heads of government of Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Ukrainian delegation, which also participated in the meeting, this statement is not a party.

Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov explained:

"These documents are not in five minutes. And Ukraine has received the text of the agreement this morning. There is an appropriate procedure for processing such claims, when the country subscribes to a particular application. "

At the same time Ukrainian Prime

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Our homeland dictates the terms of the European Union (Niezalezna.pl, Poland)

Moscow always pulls through various legal tricks of its own ratification of the contract with the Global Trade Organization (WTO). Immediately she is preparing to shift to other countries cost of its own choice. Including in the European Union.

Until July 4 Our homeland should ratify contract WTO and become — at least, on a theoretical level — the usual partner in the global market.

But after 18 years of negotiations, ratification postponed for two weeks. Despite the fact that our homeland joins the company at a very preferential criteria (as part of the Russian believes professionals), she is

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Scientists warn of a strong magnetic storm

The consequences of a powerful storm on the sun today can affect the Earth's inhabitants. Writes about the world press. A few days ago shone once again raging and threw a huge solar flare — the length of a fire stick, according to experts NASA reached 800,000 miles.

Scientists were able to capture the details of the process. According to the calculations of astrophysicists today stream stellar radiation reaches our planet and can cause a geomagnetic storm. However, overcoming the enormous distance (150 million kilometers), the beam will dissipate and not cause severe damage. However, echoes of eruptions on

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Data 2007: the planet hotter

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Vasil Bykov and Independence

Society June 19 — the birthday of Vasil Bykov, national writer, who has played a key role in the national revival and independence of Belarus.   Once Ryhor Baradulin made me promise that I would write a book about Bykov — all the things which had witnessed and participated in Minsk and in Prague. Undertook several times, but the deposits. It is very difficult to write about something personal Bykov, because before that does not subside the pain of loss, zipped all of us June 22, 2003.   Today — the role Bykov in finding the Belarusian Independence.

It is

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Centre for Nature Conservation area of 100 hectares will be in the Amur

Centre for Nature "Zeya" in the Amur region, where the animals will be kept in the wild, will soon take the first visitors, told RIA Novosti hunters leading conservation area Jury Gafarov.

Construction of the Center for Nature (COTU) in the Amur region is under a regional program for the protection of the environment, its creation is allocated 7.5 million rubles.

"Now the world has spread area, where there is a semi-captive breeding of wild ungulates. Under TSOP" Zeya "take more than 100 hectares. Now comes the catching of wild animals in nature reserves and other areas. Such farming is

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The World Day of Peace

The World Day of Peace.

21 September 2012. at 15:00.

At Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill near the monument to the anti-Hitler coalition held a solemn meeting and the ceremony of laying a wreath at the monument to the soldiers of countries — allies of the anti-Hitler coalition in commemoration of the International Day of Peace. Present were:

Director of the UN Information Centre in Moscow AS GORELIK, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, the veterans of UN peacekeeping missions, the delegates of the public,

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World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet

"Spectrum-UV" "World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet» World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet WSO-UV — a major international project led by Russia, aimed at the study of the universe out of the reach of observations with ground-based instruments ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The launch is scheduled in 2015. Carrier rocket Zenit-2. / The World Space Observatory, also known as World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet (WSO-UV), is a proposed space telescope intended for work in the 110 nm to 320 nm wavelength range. The launch is planned for 2015. This international project is led by Russia (Roskosmos). At present the international cooperation

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