The second Superjet AK Yakutia, made its first commercial flight

Short and to the point: The second Superjet AK "Yakutia", made its first commercial flight — Yakutsk — Khabarovsk (SYL495).

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Government asks 2 billion to the EurAsEC

Society The Belarusian government appealed to the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund with the application to provide a loan of up to $ 2 billion, told reporters in Minsk Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas.

As reported by Interfax, the Minister of Finance of Belarus Andrew Kharkavets, in turn, told reporters that the corresponding application is filed and the quota Belarus is about 1.7 billion dollars.

According to the Minister, the application of Belarus is now regarded by the executive bodies of the fund, and Belarus expects to receive a response from the Bank of the Eurasian Economic Community in March this

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Our homeland and the development of the global crisis

Russian Municipal Duma in the first reading the 3-year budget (2012-2014). With all of this, many experts believe the document is very brave and they say about the threat that the optimism shown by the development of the budget in the future may not come cheap do Russia.

Budget revenues of the Russian Federation in 2012 predicted at 11.779 trillion rubles, and the costs can add up 12.656 trillion rubles in 2013, revenues should amount to 12.706 trillion rubles, expenses 13.731 trillion rubles in 2014, the State Treasury will receive 14,092 trillion, and the cost will increase to 14,583

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Our homeland and Pakistan strangle the U.S. in Afghanistan?

Nedavneshnego after the incident with the liquidation of NATO aviation 2-Pakistani border checkpoints relatively good stay in the coalition forces Afghanistan was put into question. Recall that in the end of November airstrike killed 25 Pakistani border guards. In response to these acts of the Western coalition government of Pakistan announced the complete closure of the country passing through the area of transport corridors on which the supply of troops NATO and the U.S. in Afghanistan. It seems that the government of Pakistan are more than determined. In favor of this reads like a militant anti-American sentiment of ordinary Pakistanis,

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Second Su-30cm rose into the air

At the airport of Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC "Corporation" Irkut "(part of" United Aircraft Corporation ") continue flight testing of multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm, developed by JSC" Sukhoi "and intended for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.


Today, September 25 flight tests joined by another fighter. The flight lasted 1 hour 40 minutes and passed without comment. The plane was piloted by test pilots JSC "Sukhoi": — the commander of the crew — Sergei Kostin, the test pilot 1st class — navigator — Malovechko Pavel, honored test-navigator of the Russian Federation.

Multi-purpose fighter

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Even today, 17 February

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.  


Sunny, sometimes the clouds, the temperature -12 — 14 C

Do not pass:

Minsk, Frunze district court, the beginning of the first review of the case "of the riots December 19, 2010." The accused Basil Parfiankou. (Starts at 10:00).

Minsk, the Foreign Ministry briefing on international politics.

Minsk shop "Logvinov," musical-literary happenings. The program — the creation of music and voice tracks with the participation of live musicians (members of groups Ritual Dub, Solar Brain, Kusudama).


Vatican: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with

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The second high-speed passenger ship launched in Zelenodol’sk

May 26 Zelenodol'sk plant named after M. Gorky solemn event dedicated to be launched high-speed passenger ship A145 project. This is the second ship of a series of innovative high-speed sea passenger ships.

In celebration of the launching of the ship took part in the delegation of the Arkhangelsk region, headed by the Deputy Governor on Infrastructure Development Alexei Alsufevym Industry and Trade Ministry and the head of the Arkhangelsk region, Andrei Shestakov, director of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the President of Tajikistan — Assistant to the President on international issues Iskander Muflikhanov, guidance and factory

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7.6 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines followed 120 shocks

7.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred last night in the center of the Philippine archipelago, followed by 127 aftershocks, according to the news portal GMA News.

In an interview with radio station dzBB director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology (Phivolcs) Renato Solidum (Renato Solidum) urged local people not to panic, as the total number of such aftershocks (aftershocks following the main quake) could eventually amount to several thousand. However, it is possible that some of these shocks can exceed in strength the main earthquake, he added.

The epicenter of tectonic earthquake magnitude of 7.6, was felt almost all over the

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For Hawaii canceled the tsunami warning

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center U.S. withdrew a tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii, announced earlier on Sunday after a powerful earthquake in Canada, according to the organization's website.

According to Reuters, the representatives of civil defense staff also canceled an order to evacuate coastal areas.

An earthquake measuring 7.7 occurred Saturday 20.04 local time (04.07 MSK Sunday) in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. The epicenter was located at 139 kilometers south of the village on the island of Mussett Graham and 202 km south-west of the major port of Prince Rupert.

After the earthquake for Hawaii

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TOP 10 most frightening of plants from all over the world!

I present to you the TOP 10 most bizarre, scary, unbelievable, poisonous plants from around the world. Personally, I have some of them are just scared. Some tentacles, and some — the eyes!


Incredible flower looks like a piece of paste, which implies the jam. Although some people think that red poisonous substances like blood. Hence the name. This species is known from 1812. There is it, of course, impossible, but its medicinal properties are not inferior to penicillin.

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