15 dacha in the Brest region of distress

It has become fashionable to hold contests for the best but the best courtyard mansion. Land users are logged into the taste, try the joy of themselves and others. But, unfortunately, in Brest is fit to declare quite different contests — who farmstead more flooded. If such a contest took place, then, of course, it led to an array of horticultural a Southern town.

on the invitation of members of the dacha "Mercury", "Polesie" been there correspondents "Evening Brest". And I must say, have strong impressions. And the picture is amazing for those who understand what it means to lose cherished garden area with a country house, and for those who think that urban farming — is folly retirees. Urbanists will also find here a shocking picture of God, reminiscent of the past is not the Deluge, not that of a future apocalypse.

Water flooded suburban treasures as pitch flies, and helpless houses teplichke and tracks are not available to their owners. Drowned in the water above the knees dacha idyll gives unreality. From the foundation of pretty houses fall off beds and fruit reached maturity sprawling trees reflect in the water mirrors of their dead black crown. In place of the beds around towering plantations of high reeds, past walls of buildings float serenely wild ducks. Meanwhile, the developed cataclysm just half a year, since it began in the spring of 2010.

Agreed "water" and "fire"

The fact that in the past here in the spring happened sometimes damp, not a circumstance to the fact that now. People still have not reconciled and unaccustomed to link their souls become attached to the five acres of land.

Twenty years they successfully cultivated the land, getting them legally and built according to the approved project. In mastering the triangle nizkoballnoy virgin land sandwiched between two iron and one roads, these were the lucky ones working age and fully refreshed. Now, almost all of them retirees — Would not you like them to start over in a new place?
15 dacha in the Brest region of distress
In a cottage in distress array located 15 dacha, consisting of 1298 stations. Even in the face surrounded on all sides by water with very few rising edges are processed. One woman came with hunting boots, got into a "pool" and pulled out a hand full reed fence. Another occasionally visited the dacha-drowned and helplessly crying at the crumbling house. Someone bought last year still dry area for 3000 dollars, the minimum time to bring construction materials, and now one can see the sand and blocks the only island on the floating section.

Retained the presence of mind to owners trying to fight and appeal to the authorities for help. There is extensive correspondence with the District Executive Committee, Executive Committee and the presidential administration. Local authorities considered these complaints and even taken the first step forward. That is, the Brest Regional Executive Committee ordered, and JSC "Polesegiprovodhoz" fulfilled device project drainage channels. And then, as usual, life did not get along with the intention of financial considerations. From the response CUE "Brest district office of capital construction" that "approximately, the total price of the object will be 521.3 million rubles in 2006 prices, or 1,042,600,000 rubles in current prices."

Next, the paper should offer a "by drowning": "To solve this problem, create CIC and each member of the Association to make its account approximately 803.24 thousand. Please report within ten days of intent to finance activities. Only in the case of a positive solutions all partnerships work to implement the measures will be continued. "

This special paper is dated by the end of May this year. However, according to Deputy Chief of Administration Executive Committee, Head of the work with citizens Igor Chumerin all 15 dacha sent the rejection of the proposed equity participation. For many senior citizens there is no money, and someone for someone will not pay. Moreover, even the question of whether those investments have any effect …

Look before you leap

For in order to eliminate the flooding, have a clear idea of why flooded. As in other parts of the city and surrounding area, as well as a Southern version of these things covered vague and full of scientific research has not been conducted. Remains valid guess that too zealously artificially pumped water level Mukhavets that overflowed the ground water far beyond the floodplain. Are legitimate and popular conclusions that flooding associated with the total construction in wetlands Brest lands. This convinced the inhabitants of the western part of Rechitsa, which was flooding the backyard after the construction of houses was filled swamp, which receives excess ground water. A similar alignment seen in the south — flooding truckers erupted after the massive development of former military lands of the South campus.
15 dacha in the Brest region of distress
The results indicate that proper surveying our surveyors have been taken. I think, in the minds of intelligent man-made flooding can and should be calculated before the people come down real disaster. Otherwise, what kind of building up on someone's misfortune? And then it turns out that the victims have to pay for what they will pull out of the swamp …

By the way, the powers themselves before vacationers old has little debt. From letters to gardening companies Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Matsuki: "… in 1985-1987., Before giving us space for gardens," Belgiprozemom "made planning and surveying and geodetic work and developed a project to drain the area. Began reclamation works that were "Glavpolesevodstroem" were dug canals, but profiling with water discharge of them were produced. Suddenly contractors stopped work and brought equipment. Why? "

We have the whole city is in a swamp

The most frivolous way to dismiss Drowning "Mercury" with "Polesie" — a reference to the fact that they are on the original wetland. Excuse me, we have the whole city is in a swamp! Rather, there was, until recently, until I began to gravitate toward buoyancy. This issue is more important than the needs of those that intercept money rivers flowing to the fact that it was more comfortable to frolic idle populations even more firmly to seat multiples.

Who else is in the clouds, and you can go on a trip, closer, so to speak, to "Polesie". And that, nothing new tourist attraction with cognitive bias formed? Frankly, I personally do not believe that, in terms of farming on recessed tasks will still be good. But as sobering benefits — perhaps.

Tamara Glushchenko

Evening Brest

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