Our homeland is not planning to have their funds outside the state defense area

In the Russian Federation has no plans to have its funds ABM outside the public areas, said now the chief of the General Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov, speaking at the International Conference on missile defense in Moscow.

"Plans have Russian funds ABM outside the public areas we had not. This approach would exclude the impact of Russian missile defense to deterrence of any state — participants of the project "- said the head of the General Staff.

He recalled that at the Russia-NATO summit in Lisbon, a new approach to the development of relations in the sphere of

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Higher, farther, stronger. SSJ 100 in Iceland

Yesterday, the bulk of experimental 97005 landed in Iceland. Began flight tests to assess the performance of aircraft in conditions of maximum permissible crosswind.

The objectives of the tests:Expand restrictions largest crosswind component for takeoff and landing certification basis in the amount of EASA.Expand restrictions on the crosswind over 15 m / s, in the amount of AR IAC certification basis.Evaluation will be performed stability and control characteristics during takeoff and landing performance evaluation automatic approach in the director and automatic modes for CAT1 and SAT2


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Vladimir Khalip: The authorities are preparing a series of processes modeled on the 1937

Society 4 years of imprisonment in prison for 60 strokes on the wooden boards. What does the first sentence in the case of the events in the Square December 19, 2010, which was executed yesterday Vasily Parfiankou? Comments on human rights defenders, politicians, relatives of political prisoners.

Father Rockets, one of the accused in a criminal case on the events in Minsk on December 19, Vladimir Khalip no illusions about the independence of the Belarusian judiciary. The judges are doing what they are told; trial Parfiankou was fast, biased, real evidence of a criminal offense on the defendant was

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Our homeland is not be removed from space exploration

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian industry gallakticheskoy no systemic crisis. "There is no systemic crisis in the industry gallakticheskoy not, we only have difficulties in individual units and in individual enterprises," — said Dmitry Rogozin during a visit to gallaktichesky Center "Progress". Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister, which he almost canceled the crisis in the industry, has caused a lot of jokes in the middle of the journalistic community, which considered that the forthcoming decision of the strong-willed Rogozin abolish cancer, and forbade people to breathe. If you throw jokes, the Roskosmos all the same,

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Above trend

Chief economist at Goldman Sachs in Russia and the CIS Clemens Graf announced its forecast for the Russian economy.

Chief economist at Goldman Sachs in Russia and the CIS Clemens Count

According to the report prepared in the GS, the expected growth of the Russian economy — 4.1% in 2012 and 4.3% in 2013. In 2013, presumably, domestic demand will decrease, and the value of net exports will return to the original values. Although it depends on the slowdown in global economic growth, particularly in China, states the report. Promising are the figures on foreign direct investment — in

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Putin — in Sochi, Lukashenko — in Minsk

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on February 18 will return to Minsk from Sochi, where he was on vacation from February 7. This was announced by the head of the Freedom of the presidential press service Paul Light.

Official reports of Lukashenko stay in Sochi was not. Earlier it was reported that he was there with his youngest son Nikolai.

February 18 the Kremlin press service reported that the President and the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev andVladimir Putin visited the ski center "Rose Farm" in Krasnaya Polyana, which looked downhill and giant slalom. Then they repeatedly

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Adam Harvey. StealthWear. Hi-Tech invisible world of fashion

New York designer Adam Harvey (Adam Harvey) presented on January 17 in London, an unusual collection of clothes StealthWear. In a society under the supervision of tens of thousands of cameras, these things are valuable not for its beauty and functionality: T-shirts to protect from X-rays, and hats — from drones.

His project the artist tried to open the aesthetics of privacy and the potential of fashion in society, which is under constant supervision. In the fabric to pieces from the new collection of Harvey and his colleague Johanna Bloomfield

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Our home does not give Tajikistan

The meeting with the head of the Russian President of Tajikistan, which was accomplished a few days back was very fruitful for various policy decisions. One of the most important you can, of course, to consider signing a contract that the 201st Russian base remains in the Pamirs for about half a century.

We have to admit that this is a significant event in the entire foreign policy of, because in recent years, it must be confessed, our country has significantly podrasteryali your outdoor outposts. Due to the political realities of the 90 Russian troops had to leave not

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Beach chameleon watch online

Beach chameleons. Fate decreed that one of the southern beaches of Greece was home to immigrants from the "Dark Continent" — African chameleons. No one knows how this lizard swam across the continent. Maybe chameleons brought Greeks in the days of antiquity, captivated by their extraordinary view. But, one way or another, now a tiny colony of these variables creatures occupied sand beach former Hellas. Imagine now live this extraordinary creatures in the tourist paradise? As the color of the body to find out the mood of the chameleon? What is the structure of their sight? And

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Britain this winter predicts death from cold to 35,000 of its citizens

Experts predict a dramatic increase in deaths related to cold, because one of the coldest winters of the century, when Britain dies every hour 12 people.

Britons face higher payment for energy, and this winter the number of deaths related to cold can grow up to 35 thousand people.

There are also fears that, because of frost-mail may not reach in time their target.

Forecasters say that on Christmas Day the temperature could drop to record levels, it would be risky for vulnerable people.

Charities warn that pensioners are suffering in "Dickensian" conditions, and are forced to travel on

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