Andrew Jurkov: Buckwheat fell in the fight for 10 million tons

Guest "Night of Freedom" — an expert in the field of agriculture Andrew Jurkov.

SousEconomics of Agriculture is in a disgusting state, Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich today at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on the development of agriculture. That agriculture is in a bad state, it is not news, the news is more likely that it publicly declares Prime Minister, despite the fact that everyone understands the attention of the Head of State to agriculture, and how many resources are spent on unprofitable farming. Why Myasnikovich makes such a statement now, after the elections against the backdrop of rising prices? Or it suggests that the situation is actually much worse?

JurkovI would not say that it has worsened. On the contrary, now for the Belarusian Agriculture last year — it's like a gift. The fact that Russia has burned down. After all, such a free access of the Russian market and prices for our agricultural probably 3-4 years was not. A Myasnikovich apparently expressed this because the situation with the budget we have a very heavy, and our agriculture is the largest of the budget pie for themselves contractible. It is necessary to cut the pie, we need to cut spending budget. It is necessary to start with someone.

Sous: If you were the head of the government with real powers, what would you change first in agriculture?

Jurkov: First of all it is necessary to cancel all gross figures. They just reduce down our agriculture. No one is looking for a virtually cost-effectiveness. Second, to decentralize agriculture. It would be nice to identify regional specialization, where we can obtain export profitability.

Sous: Belarus in 2011 to get the grain harvest of about 10 million tons, said Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Mikhail Brown. I remember five to seven years ago, when he spoke of the harvest 6,000,000 tons of grain, many experts have expressed doubts about these figures. Now here every year and this figure is planned, and the output increases. You trust official statistics? As far as these indicators are important for the functioning of agriculture?

Jurkov10 million tonnes — a fetish for our government. You can have 10 million tons of grain and have 2 times more expensive than in neighboring Russia or Ukraine. And you can have bread and 4.3 million have cheap meat, cheap and easy to buy milk cheaper bread. We need a real specialty. A write — write as many bread. Every year we have record yields, and every year we have after the new year is the hubbub, there is not enough forage. Until we have these 10 million tons will pursue, we will not have any buckwheat, potatoes or cheap, nor his apple.

Sous: Last week, reporters asked a number of questions of Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Hope Kotkovets, including why Belarus potatoes and many other foods are more expensive than in neighboring countries. The answer was not clear enough, chaotic growth in prices. How would you answer the question of the growth of prices of food products?

Jurkov: Before, people were fed agriculture prysyalibnyya potatoes, and now the village dies. potatoes have almost no soot, lost practice how to raise potatoes. Today it is not elementary. As for buckwheat, buckwheat then fell in the fight for 10 million tons. With buckwheat shaft dial up, and collective farms interested in it. Will buy in Russia and in Ukraine by 10-15 thousand buckwheat Let the road, but with cheaper grain … poor quality, which we grow. The problem is not that the rising prices of agricultural products, and the problem is that our incomes are not growing.

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