Azerbaijani scientist predicted a major earthquake in Turkey

Azerbaijani scientist predicted a major earthquake in TurkeyIn 2011-2015, in Turkey and in neighboring states with her, including in Azerbaijan, there is a high risk of earthquakes.

In an interview with the Turkish newspaper "Milliyyet" said renowned Azerbaijani scientist, head of the International Committee on Global Change of the geological environment (GEOCHANGE) and the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes (GNFE), Honored Geologist of the Republic, Professor Elchin Khalilov.

According to ANS PRESS, the scientist noted that Turkey expected earthquake measuring more than 6.5 points. The peak risk will occur in 2013-2014.

E.Halilov stressed that the device "Atropatena Crystal" are the stations of earthquake prediction around the world. According to him, by means of this device in the past few years have predicted several earthquakes, including the earthquake in Pakistan on January 18 of this year, 7.2 magnitude.

"Scientists make predictions for 30-40 years, thus avoiding a particular responsibility. This is despite the fact that in the core dominates much energy. Exit out of this energy will continue until 2015," said Elchin Khalilov.

According to the Azerbaijani professor, manufactured by the unit they can predict earthquakes for 3-10 days: "The device does not measure seismic and tectonic waves. Before the earthquake, tectonic waves propagate, and this device catches the waves. To determine the location and magnitude of an earthquake is a need to building a global network. "

Note that this statement of the Azerbaijani professor strongly disturbed the Turkish public.

Head of the Department of seismic and geodynamic studies of the Republican Seismological Service Center of ANAS, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Tahir Mammadov in an interview with ANS PRESS said that while seismologists other experts can not predict in advance the earthquake: "From a theoretical point of view, are of the opinion that it is possible to predict an earthquake a few hours before the start of oscillations, in fact, this is an incorrect assumption. One day in 1975, in China, a commission was formed, which focuses on earthquake prediction. were involved in the commission of a number of scientists and experts. was recorded natural variations in all territories. studied the changes in the nature and fauna. As a result of geophysical-seismological investigations gave prediction that came true. But excluding all other subsequent forecasts. former Soviet Union, China, the U.S. and other developed countries have invested heavily in the area of forecasting earthquakes. They had high hopes for this research. But after erroneous forecasts and decreased funding for research in this area ", — said Tahir Mammadov.

According to T.Mamedli, today one can predict the time and place of powerful aftershocks, "It is also called the seismic zoning. Determines the level of seismic activity in the region, which are determined based on construction requirements."

The expert said that it is carried out in Azerbaijan. "Approved Seismological map of Azerbaijan. According to the map earlier in Azerbaijan have been identified in an earthquake-prone area with 9 points. As a result of our investigations it was found that these areas have seismic hazard of 10 points. Based on the new method was established dangerous seismic zone (10 points ) in Shamakhi-Ismayilli, near to the city Gonagkend Chamakh. Another such earthquake-prone area in the 10 points — it's north of Sheki-Oguz, on the border with Russia. Overall, the territory from Shamakhi to Gabala, including Siyazyan can be attributed to the 10 — ballovoy seysmozone "- said T.Mamedli.

The expert also noted that the appeal filed on the introduction of new seismic maps: "Who is the seismological map Lankaran marked as an 8-point zone. But our research has shown that there may occur an earthquake of 9 points. Seysmokartu We are trying to change due to update" .

T.Mamedli also spoke of the volcanic activity in recent years. According to him, volcanic eruptions always happened: a dormant volcano may erupt after 10 and several hundred years. "It is a known fact in geology. Volcanoes do not" fall asleep "forever. They wake up at any time. For Azerbaijan, this problem is not very relevant," — said T.Mamedli.

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