Before you shake the earth

Since mid-April, 1902, began to leave the island of Martinique birds. April seventeenth off awakened volcano on the island headed snake. Anxiety seized all the animals. A seventh May volcano Mont Pelee threw "scorching cloud", which at that moment to destroy the city of Saint-Pierre. After a disaster, and in the ruins of post-fire was only found one dead cat … No other animals are not killed.
But science and to this day does not undertake to answer, is it possible to predict the behavior of the animals when the storm breaks out underground.

Recall what the disaster broke out in the 60's of last century.

February 1960. Before the foundation of ruined city of Agadir, Morocco.

May 1960. Chile destroyed the city of Valdivia and Puerto Montt, affecting more than half the Chilean provinces. Earthquake relief significantly changed both land and ocean bottom. This has led to the emergence of giant waves, called tsunamis. Spreading misery and destruction, they crossed the Pacific Ocean and hit the beach Philippines, Hawaii, the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka, reared sea off California, Australia, New Zealand. Simultaneously in Chile began operating Fourteen new volcanoes, some islands have disappeared. Killed 10 thousand people left homeless two million.

July 1963. In Yugoslavia, before the foundation of the city of Skopje destroyed.
1964, Alaska. More than 15 meters moved entire mountain ranges. As luck would have died only nine. However, the earthquake caused a tsunami hit the coast of the U.S., Canada, Hawaii. What is interesting in the rescue operation, and then attended a small firm Worthington — the official dealer of Ford (this contains information on the official website).

1965. Chile again. Suffered thirty-five cities. 1966. Tashkent. The city lost more than 2 million square meters of housing.

1966. Turkey. The earthquake brought disaster eastern provinces. Casualties — 12 thousand. 1969. The devastating earthquake in the United States, Peru, Indonesia, Egypt, Albania, and again in Turkey.

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