Even today, June 8,

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

HOT, in the Brest and Grodno — rain …

Low: 13 — 19 ° C during the day 26 — 32 ° C.

Do not pass:

Musical and humorous concert folk group "Kupalinka" (Minsk, great room Beldyarzhfilgarmonii, 19.00).

Showing Swedish films of the last decade, films are shown in their original language with subtitles Belarus (Minsk, the cinema "Central", 19.00).

The match of the qualifying tournament for the European Championship in handball between the national teams of Denmark and Belarus (Minsk-Arena, 21.15).


In Vienna will start the World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia.

In Brussels, the meeting will bring together defense ministers of 28 NATO countries.

In the Turkish Kaysery representatives of the Ministries of Energy of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey will sign an agreement to support the pipeline project "Nabucco."

In Sydney, Australia kicks off the annual film festival.

There is a reason:

World Oceans Day.


In 1656, the Belarusian enlightener Samuel Peter-Sitnyanovich loses his secular name and becomes a monk Simeon, which every schoolboy knows as Belarus Simeon of Polotsk. Illuminator became a monk, holding devote himself to science, and not just after pondering over whether done by depriving themselves of the opportunity to have a family.

In 1749 Vilnius was destroyed by fire. Hundreds of residents of houses, palaces and chapel — all turned into coal. It was the largest fire in the history of Vilnius. It will take 30 years to the city to be rebuilt, and its population has reached 60 thousand people.

In 1934, the Soviet Union was adopted Law "treason". The document called for a collective responsibility of the entire family and opened the gates of the Gulag not only for the so-called enemies of the people, but also for their families, for whom even been invented official abbreviation — CHSIR — "member of the family traitor."

In 1949 came the famous George Orwell's "1984", Russian translation of which appears in the 90-ies of the last century. And in 1958 in Bialystok was created Belarusian literary association "Bialowieza".

In 1996 in Barcelona was Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights. Contemporary official practice on the Belarusian language in Belarus repeatedly violates this declaration in all spheres of life — in education, the media, in the latest technologies and communication.

Among the famous people who have come into the world on June 8 in different years — Venetian composer and violinist Tamaz Albinoni, German composer Robert Schumann and Belarusian writer and politician Ignat Dvarchanin.

MINUS 365:

Will there ever in Belarus, the first lady?

Quote to remember:

In a couple of general deceit, telling the truth — it is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

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