Foreign business millionaires in Belarus

Electronic Edition "Diary" and the magazine "Business Review" compiled a list of the richest businessmen from neighboring countries working on the Belarusian market. We offer you the translation of publications in brief

"Diary" and the magazine "Business revue" find out which of millionaire neighbors have a business in Belarus. Many as neighbors are trying to find the Belarusian market niche. Though few can, we can say that established a parity: how many of businesses a variety of reasons leaves Belarus, about the same every year and coming.

Not an exception last year. Vladimir Potanin, that the deal with the French financial group Société Générale has lost its last asset in the Belarusian land — stake in the "Belrosbank" and Michael Balykina, released from the project "Minsk-City", changed Suleiman Kerimov, Filaret Galchav and Alexander Nesis. Since 2010, Kerimov, Galchav and Nesis — co-owners of "Uralkali" and thus now have the most direct relevance to traders — "Belarusian Potash Company."

With the creeping privatization of the Belarusian foreign millionaires who invest in the Belarusian economy, not so much as, perhaps, it would be necessary. But in fact they are not so little. Especially representatives of major Russian business, which seriously established itself in various areas of the Belarusian economy and each year increasing its presence here.

We have studied our neighbor's environment in terms of the level of integration of its major businesses in the domestic economy. For this, we used data from business publications five neighboring countries. Based on state estimates Russian (source — the Russian version of the magazine Forbes), Polish (Wprost), Ukrainian (Reporter), Lithuanian (Veidas) and Latvian (VIP Lounge, prepared by the Baltic Screen) business produced two versions of the summary top 100 wealthiest businessmen neighboring countries. One version — with the Russian capital entrepreneurs. Other — excluding, for understanding on what makes business and money neighbors Belarus, except for use of raw materials.

As a result, in the first version of the ranking representatives were able to enter only three countries — 81 Russians, 13 Ukrainians and Poles 6. Was too high barriers to entry for representatives of the less significant on a global scale economies of the two Baltic countries. At the very rich of their representative — Lithuanian Bronislovas Lubys according to Veidas in 2010 was about 480 million that the threshold of our rating was very high, and says that it contains 79 billionaires — 62 Russian, 12 Ukrainians and Poles 4.

However, despite the advantage in the top 100 Russian companies (both in number and in the aggregate state), the richest neighbor in 2010 was Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Ahmetav. Its capital is $ 2 billion more than the capital of the richest Russian, metallurgist Vladimir Lisin.

On what you can earn a billion, or a little less?

The Russians and Ukrainians are clearly visible priorities. The overwhelming number of defendants in our list of Russia — are businessmen who are engaged or once started a business in primary industries.

The rare candidates from non-oil sectors, got to the list, Russia are mainly the financial sector (brothers Anan, brothers Sarkisov), Construction (Molchanov, Balakin), And trade (Galitsky, Kesaev, Tariq).

In the Ukrainian billionaires on their current well-being, too, is or was the proximity to the source of raw materials. But unlike Russia — only one: coal and coke. Of the 17 participants in the rating of our southern neighbor's 10 made a name for himself and money "there, in the coal mine."

In this regard, the Polish participation in the rating as diverse — there is fuel and energy complex, there are finance, telecommunications there, and there are consumer goods. In some, at first glance, a very narrow fields of Polish companies already are leaders in one of the most competitive economies in the world — the EU economy. And your example shows the Belarusian businessman, where to go, if the hand is not short of oil or a couple zavodika gas rigs. ….

Since last year in Minsk, a representative office of an investment bank "Renaissance Capital", one of the shareholders is Mikhail Prokhorov. Representation is in close contacts with the Belarusian authorities and private businesses interested in its services.

NOT spisvaetstsa discounted, although the detection of objects of interest in a lot of time has passed, the participation of Vladimir Yevtushenko in an "integral" and "Belintourist." Perhaps, our countryman Andrei Melnichenko can agree on the price, which he called the Belarusian authorities for action Gomel Chemical Plant. By the way, Melnichenko — not only was born in Belarus in this list. In addition to the former Gomel resident in the top 100 were two former residents of Minsk — Michael Abizov and Dmitry Mazepin.

There are two projects that will increase the representation of millionaires in the Belarusian economy. The world's richest Pole Jan Kulczyk already far advanced in the negotiations for the construction of hydroelectric power station in Belarus Zelva. In contrast to Vladimir Bogdanov NO success in the negotiations on the "Naftan". Moreover, in the case of the privatization of this company most likely candidate for the purchase is called the state "Rosneft". But "Surgutneftegaz" still not be discounted, especially as it is with the "Lukoil" and "Rosneft" is one of the three main suppliers of oil to Belarus.

We also note that a number of defendants in this list previously had assets in Belarus, but for various reasons had to say goodbye to them. In Potanin, which was mentioned at the beginning of the material, once a very solid portfolio of Belarusian property. One time billionaire owned a large block of "MenskKompleksBanku" insurance company "Belstrahinvest" share "Belgazeta" and media holding "BelKP Press" led by "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus".

Ukrainian billionaire-in-law of former President Leonid Kuchma Victor Pinchuk in the late 1990s, was able to buy a package for him in profile Mogilev Metallurgical Works. But with the beginning of the process of nationalization in Belarus businessman chose to get rid of that asset.

Peter Kondrashov and Anatoly Lomakon By 2005, were partners "Belaruskali" for the joint treyderskay of the IWC.

Michael Friedman and its partners in the "Alfa Group" and now owned considerable property in Belarus, but by 2008 they owned and stake in the brewery, "Friend." It was sold to Heineken.

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