Government asks 2 billion to the EurAsEC

The Belarusian government appealed to the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund with the application to provide a loan of up to $ 2 billion, told reporters in Minsk Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas.

As reported by Interfax, the Minister of Finance of Belarus Andrew Kharkavets, in turn, told reporters that the corresponding application is filed and the quota Belarus is about 1.7 billion dollars.

According to the Minister, the application of Belarus is now regarded by the executive bodies of the fund, and Belarus expects to receive a response from the Bank of the Eurasian Economic Community in March this year.

Mr. Roumas also said that the current government does not intend to borrow on market terms.

Meanwhile Minister of Finance said that the Finance Ministry is planning to This year, deploy an additional Eurobonds $ 200 million in addition to the $ 800 million posted in January of this year. However, according to Mr. Kharkovets "inconvenient markets today and in the near future, we do not we do borrowing ".

He also confirmed plans to place bonds on the Russian market of 8 billion Russian rubles. However, the minister said it plans no next few months, while the Belarusian side did not intend to further issue of Eurobonds or bonds for the Russian market.

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