Kamchatka volcanoes are replacing Eyjafjallajökull

Kamchatka volcanoes are replacing Eyjafjallajokull.  Photo: photoclub.com.ua

Erupting volcanoes and Karymsky Kizimen Kamchatka assigned code orange threat to aviation. Ash particles can get into the mechanisms of airliners flying in these giants, and cause crash, told the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Karymsky ejects ash column with a gas to a height of 4 km above sea level. In construction Karymsky for the last day more than 250 seismic events. In the area of the volcano now people are advised not to appear, "Interfax".
Volcano ash Kizimen also emits a gas to a height of 4 km above sea level, its construction a day recorded about 170 seismic events. The crater Kizimov registered thermal anomaly and ash plume extends for tens of kilometers to the north-east of the volcano. However, according to the scientists, the dangers to human settlements, these volcanoes are not yet present.
Kizmen threatens aviakollapsom even stronger than last year, called the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. How long will the eruption Kizimen not yet known. Experts say only that in the area of the volcano increased tremors, and is also registered more than one thousand seismic emissions per day.
The eruption of the volcano in Japan Simmoe already forced to close the main runway of the airport of Miyazaki. Canceled more than 50 flights. Dense ash emissions have led to a complete halt traffic on the rail line in the area of the eruption. Destroyed crops of vegetables on the area of 7 hectares. Ash emissions observed in 12 villages of the island.

By the way, a huge volcano, which is located under Yellostoun National Park in the western U.S., a layer of ash can fill two thirds of the country, turning it into a lifeless desert. Air traffic around the world in danger of being violated.
The last time the volcano erupted about 600 thousand years ago. Now its magma at a depth of 10 km, and worry prematurely. But if it rises to the level of 2-3 km, the Americans will be serious cause for concern, experts say. Beginning in 2004, magma rises annually by an average of 8 inches.

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