Lava from Puu OO spread on plain

Hawaii lava from the volcano Puu OO holes slowly spreads over the coastal plain of Kalapana. This weekend, the lava from the volcano reached the National Park Hawaiian volcanoes. But the flow does not stop and is gradually coming to the ocean, to which less than a kilometer.

Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory has posted new pictures of the lava, which is clearly visible lava from its frozen form in a rope. Other pictures show how lava spread across the plain, rather than descend immediately to the south toward the ocean. Below is a plain pools Pali (Pulama Pali) and part of the Royal Gardens.

The Observatory also released a video and thermal image that shows the lava lake, rose and fell in a crater of Halemaumau. The glow of the lava lake covered gas plume from the crater of the volcano, it can be seen most clearly in the night. The level of the lava rises and falls in cycles. Lava lake below the crater 69 meters.

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