Our homeland and India signed a record contract for the supply of fighter aircraft (The Indian Express, India)

Russia and India signed a record contract for the supply of fighter aircraft ("The Indian Express", India)Our motherland India and signed a long-awaited agreement in terms of which will be carried out joint design and development of the fighter 5th generation for the air forces of India, the price of the transaction exceeded 30 billion dollars. Contract, signed on Wednesday during a visit to India by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, at the Ministry of Defence dubbed "the largest defense project in the history of India."

Of great importance is the fact that our homeland has agreed to provide India with the same precision navigation data with military-grade GLONASS system. This will be the first in the history of the Indian Army in case they are allowed access to similar technology: access to the GPS system in India is not, as the country has not signed with the United States a memorandum of agreement in the field of mutual compatibility and security of communications.

Subject of the contract signed by the companies Hindustan Aeronautics, «Rosoboronexport», and the Sukhoi Design Bureau — preparatory design work on the fighter 5th generation, in the process of which will be developed fighter the last generation with new technologies, "stealth", ultra-high maneuverability and good electrical equipment.

Is meant to be operational Air India 250 to 300 of these fighters since 2017-20 period. However, this contract significantly different from past procurement contracts as a fighter now and will be exported to third countries.

First flight of Russian fighter fifth-generation T-50 PAK FA Sukhoi took place in January of this year, but according to a report from the Ministry of Defense, the Indian version of the aircraft will be different, as the requirements of the Indian Air Force is "much more stringent." This latest modification of the Ministry dubbed "promising multipurpose fighter" (MIT).

"PMI is based on a basic structural and system design of the project demo Russian fighter fifth generation, but with modifications designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Indian Air Force, they are even more rigorous," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

New fighter "invisible" will be the only contenders are developed at the present time the fighter F-35, F-22 and Raptor, which is the only active fighter fifth generation. Our homeland is developing a version of the single unit, while the Indian Air Force need a faster two-seater with a massive engine, similar to the current Su-30MKI.

"Among the options for development programs from — design and development of two-seater models and the integration of more advanced engine with a stronger thrust at a later stage," — said the representative of the Ministry. According to him, the new fighter will possess the qualities of excellence such as the long supersonic flight without afterburner and internal weapons bays.

In the coming months, India and Our homeland sign a number of agreements covering the different nuances of applets, namely, the rights of the author and certain production aspects.

"Total costs, including options and price of production aircraft are such that it would be naikrupneyshy defense project in the history of India, will be made more than 200 or 250 aircraft," — said the representative of the Ministry.

Previously, the Air Force commander said that deliveries will start probably in 2017.

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