Our homeland and Syria together or separately?

Russia and Syria, together or separately?I. Snow-white house loses Kremlin

Last week, on Friday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov spoke with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After talking, he's probably the first time felt that not-nibudt, and the most true change of the American position on the Syrian issue. He and said the press: "In international affairs dominated, of course, Syria, and I felt a change in the position of my colleague Hillary Clinton. I heard an experienced politician, diplomat, who said that understands our position, and we reciprocated. " According to the Russian Foreign Minister, he was satisfied with the talks with U.S. Secretary of State.

And in the follow-up meeting was held on Saturday, is already "large-format" — in Geneva. At this conference, "Action Group" Moscow continued its policy toward Damascus, proposing amendments to the text of the final declaration. From the text at the request of the Russian Federation has been withdrawn appeal to the UN Security Council on the follow-up to Syria. Also, Moscow proposed to enshrine the right of journalists to open access is happening in the country — it was also accepted. In the end, Moscow insisted on changing that part of the declaration, which was described by the procedure of establishing a truce. "The project was recorded that synchronous ceasefire should take place after the government withdraws its troops from the cities. But in this case, the opposition immediately take all left position, "- said the press Lavrov, indicating that the position of the preparatory withdrawal eventually removed from the document. Amendment on illicit weapons, Moscow also advanced, adopted by the participants of the conference was not. Completely predictable: enemies of Syria does not want to renounce their plans undermine the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad by illegal means. Russian amendment directed against illicit transfers, was a kind of test of "lice".

Read because of change in the West's position on Syria is not necessary. At the conference, Clinton showed familiar teeth: "Assad will still have to go."

The text of the final declaration of the conference on the resignation of Assad's thesis, of course not. But the West is able to read in their own documents. At least in order to show that it is not lost. And it will play on.

Hillary Clinton, skripevshaya teeth into the address persistent Russian, in an interview with the native South American media said, that at a meeting of the "Group Action" in Geneva on the Syrian issue failed to find "a coherent approach which suits everyone, including Russia and China." State Department before liked this phrase own boss, that on July 1 he always extended this interview.

Mrs. Clinton was able to explain the results of the meeting so in Geneva, which seems to have drawn a conclusion: all Our homeland is ripe for putting Assad. In her opinion, Moscow is "ready to put pressure" on the Syrian president. According to Clinton, the Russian "was given to understand that they are not continuing strategic intrigued by the fact, that Assad remains in power." Because Clinton came to the conclusion that "there is every reason to believe" that Moscow would agree with the need to transfer power.

It's that simple. Moscow proposes amendments that defends them, said that the text of the final declaration is no provision to withdraw Assad (it there and in fact is not, but it is better still to tell the press about this — after all, the information war over Syria in full swing) and South American gossekretarsha puts everything upside down and convinces the world through a megaphone own State Department that the Syrian case to the cap.

Comrade Lavrov, being an optimist, rushed to conclusions about Mrs. Clinton. Neither her personal position, nor Washington's position on Syria is not changed, well, could not be permanent. Another thing is that our Minister of felt — perhaps including after the Syrian air defense forces shot down a Turkish plane circled in the "international" sky (at the true Turkish version) — that the West in the face of U.S. and NATO afraid to climb into Syria. And let the "position" has remained constant (for the sake of American values incinerate the whole world), but the determination diminished. There is also recognition that Syria will not give up, and the realization that our homeland will not retreat. That is why the Yankees and have to swallow the insult and repeat that, say, Assad still have to go.

Department of State may declare that our motherland China and America is about to give way to Syria (by the way, drawing in the minds of Yankees nasty, such pozdneperestroechny image of, more than one year on Syria stubbornly — and at one point who decided to "sell out" and turn away from Assad's own interests in the region), and the Kremlin will prozhimat their line, which runs parallel to the strip-Assad.

America is not a freely interprets the results of the Geneva Conference. For example, the emperor Annan recognized by the compiler of peace plans, noted earlier in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, gave birth to the days of the second own plan on the Syrian conflict.

The famous peacemaker dreams of forming a transitional government in Syria, which will include the opposition and, and members of the Syrian government. The latter, however, with a slip of the tongue, which eliminates their role in the modern management structure. Their dreams Kofi Annan announced, summing up the Geneva conference.

On his concept, the new government will have to form citizens of Syria, but the government will not be elected "people, hands in the blood." This luxurious Aesopian language, if you translate it into ordinary human language, it means that the government will not get neither Assad nor the other leaders of his "regime". In opposition, of course, his hands in the blood to the very neck, but only to the elbow.

As a transitional government will be created, it will decide the fate of Assad. So says the emperor peacemaker. The UN envoy said that in the year and you can organize such a government, and to reach it from the first performance. What are the expected results, and you can not read. Assad destined for Gaddafi. And hitryuschie Annan, of course, assumes that Bashar al-Assad his dangerous plans does not think. He's aware of it. And about Gaddafi remembers.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius, singing in unison Kofi Annan and Clinton, too said, that the agreement reached in Geneva on Syria means the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power.

Clinton's appreciation for the support said"We are sending a clear message to the Russian Federation and China — now depends only on their as-Assad to resign. In Geneva, we have dispelled the myth that he can stay in power, he would not receive unanimous support. We agreed with the changes in the text of the final declaration, but the result will be one — Assad must go. "

In general, the West, talking about a brand new plan Annan has in mind is still down Assad and Our homeland to face Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian side is satisfied with the outcome of negotiations: b
ecause the new settlement plan does not exclude from the peace process nor one of the parties and does not mean unquestioning resignation of Assad.

Subsequent meeting of the "Action Group" is likely to take place in Moscow. Insists on our homeland. The Kremlin is going to invite to the latest meeting and representatives of Iran and Saudi Arabia, and all Syrian sides — to make the conference a very impartial, unlike Geneva.

II. The opposition does not understand the diplomatic language

Syrian opposition activists have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new UN Special Envoy, formulated on the basis of the Geneva Conference. They said, they find unacceptable talks with Assad and members of his "murderous" regime.

Oh, and these are hot opposition! Of course, before they really did not bring the essence of the new plan, Mr. Annan. The main thing is not realized "revolutionaries", so it's important their role in the transitional government. After Annan's plan involves the exclusion of the people and Assad Assad from the list of those who want America and the United Nations to build a transitional government. Mr. Annan stressed diligently (with 2 dashes), which government will not get "people, hands in the blood." Well, Monsieur Fabius openly explained that the text of the peace plan is expected resignation of Assad. Perhaps more than the opposition believe Russian explanations, if the West.

In the end, they did not have thought of the conference, and do not want to be friends now neither Assad nor with Annan. So do not realize that agreed with Russia, not the West. "Revolutionaries" from the SSA, for example, did not recognize the decision of the Geneva Conference on Syria: they have decided that they are directed … to save the Assad regime.

Solutions Conference in Geneva, the opposition had found unsafe: they are, in the views of the rebels, "aimed at preserving the regime of President Bashar al-Assad … and the creation of a single government with the murderers of children." Specifically, as stated in the manufactured opposition statement, quoted by radio "Freedom".

It seems that the opposition and the more earnest believes Moscow than the West.

July 2-3 in Cairo, 250 met the opposition. Who here just was not there and Syrian Council of State and the State Coordinating Committee, and the "Muslim Brotherhood" and high-level representatives from Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar and other pals extremist rebels. Noteworthy that the radicals from the opposition, who want to seize power with the gun in his hand and although the fraternal aid from America and the NATO-friendly, did not like, that the order of the day or the Cairo talks there was no question "about the international military intervention in Syria." According to the views of radical intervention could "protect Syrians, creating buffer zones protected by the international community, humanitarian corridors, the no-fly zone." Because of the opposition PAS refused to participate in the conference.

It is not only says that no unity among the opposition is not, and that the opposition does not, and one option achieve their goals, ie the seizure of power. Some want to wage war and want the intervention, others are inclined to diplomacy and, apparently, believe in the efficacy of cunning plans Annan agreed with the State Department. Not in vain at the Cairo conference secretary-general of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi urged representatives of the Syrian opposition to coalesce.

America, too, has long been waiting for the opposition will be the "face", that is the obvious favorite, which will connect all the rebels voedinyzhdy. However, it still does not occur. And not surprisingly: it is what is in the face of opposition? Face the Syrian thug hunted by means of the Saudis? Either Paris sociologist Burhan latrine? Either the person is Turkish? Or maybe South American — someone from among those tseerushnyh uncle that at the Turkish border partitioned between gun militant groups operating in Syria? Do not have a global crime and terrorism no face, and can not be. And is it just a dirty face.

III. The helicopters will be!

At the end of last week, the government forces of Syria back control of the city Duma (13 km from Damascus) and the eastern districts of the Syrian capital. Inhabitants vorachivayutsya to areas two weeks under the control of armed bandits. In the Duma, the government forces had eliminated a terrorist base and warehouses were captured with weapons and explosives.

Bashar al-Assad comes, and the West gnaws elbows. And yet here Our homeland — with its helicopters. After trying to send military equipment freighter "Alaid" fell, Moscow decided to deliver to Syria transport-combat helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles on a military transport plane. "Everything will depend on whether we can withstand the pressure from the West, which asks collapse of military-technical cooperation with Syria," — told anonymous source agency "Interfax".

At a conference in Geneva, Clinton did not dare to raise the issue of sending to Syria in Russia modernized Mi-25. "The subject is closed. We will deliver the helicopters on time "- assured the newspaper "Kommersant" a source in the Russian delegation.

July 2 special presidential representative for the Middle East and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov met with Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad. Syrian salting expressed appreciation to the Russian Federation for the line alternately in favor of ending the violence in Syria and the power to prevent foreign intervention.


So Makar, nothing says that lately Our homeland "back down" from Syria or "surrender" Bashar al-Assad. On the contrary, saying that Moscow would adhere to the same political stripe, not following the lead of the West, committed to double standards, including the "interpretation" of the outcome of the Geneva conference.

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