Our homeland and Ukraine in the framework of joint programs from rocket Dnepr will conduct two launches in 2012

Russia and Ukraine in the framework of a joint missile program "Dnepr" will conduct two launches in 2012Our homeland and Ukraine had planned to spend two missile launch programs from within "Dnieper. ", Said Yuri Alekseev Head of the Municipal Space Agency of Ukraine. "Kosmotras" filed an application for 2 rocket launches from the GMD "clear" in 2012, — he said.

Alekseev said that during the first run, which will take place in about April or May, will lead to near-earth orbit satellite Korean "Comsat-5." 2nd launch (September-October) is planned "with a huge number of Arab satellites", ITAR-TASS reported.

The head of the agency, referring to the value of these start-ups, said that "at the present time accounting job is: who will pay for it and respond." "We have to own up to all the parties that we are required to Russians. Naturally we want cheap, and they — more expensive," — said Yuri Alekseev. He stressed that the revitalization of the joint applets will strengthen cooperation among states in the space industry.

Aaplet "Dnieper"Produce on the basis of cooperation and gallakticheskih defense ministries of Ukraine and Russia, as the leading space-rocket companies. Gallakticheskih the derivation into orbit use the same name of the booster made on the basis of liquid intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20.

Since 1999, according to international gallakticheskoy company "Kosmotras" under applets was made 17 starts, as a result of which put into orbit 62 gallakticheskih apparatus of different countries.

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