Our homeland and Ukraine reunion inevitably

Russia and Ukraine: the reunion is inevitable

Need to see that outspoken enemies of Russia and the Russian people from time to time they say things that are not understood by many people in today's RF and in Ukraine. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski first 1990 said subsequent "can not be stressed enough that without Ukraine Our homeland is no longer an empire, but with Ukraine … Our homeland automatically becomes an empire." And two years back, he spoke on the same topic: "If Ukraine does not hold out, our homeland again reincarnated into an empire."

Curiously, Brzezinski repeated almost word famous unifier of the German Empire — "Iron Chancellor" Otto von Bismarck (at least, the phrase attributed to him). Bismarck said that the power of the Russian Federation can be undermined only separated from it by Ukraine and its opposition of, etching 2-pieces of the people in the fratricidal war. And it needs to "find and nurture the traitors in the middle of the state elite", it can help to change the identity of one of the Russian people "to such an extent that it would be unbearable all Russian, intolerable own kind without realizing it."

And hard not to mention the fact that they are right. Ukraine — this is part of a unified Russia, Russian civilization, and Kiev — one of the oldest capitals of, "the mother of Russian cities." Ukrainian land (Little Russia Rus) — is one of the historical and spiritual foundations of Russian nuclear world. Without integration, more precisely, without the reunification of parts of it will be very difficult to go in the future, to build "Eurasian Union".

Independence Ukraine — This is our opponents Affairs hands of a single civilization. Even the origin of the word — "Ukraine" — contrary to the current political reality. "Ukraine, POA" — a border area, suburb, part of the whole, and inhabit the "borderland" — the "Ukrainian" — is a kind of "border guards", the inhabitants of a single porubezhe Russia.

You can not go on about the so-called. "Zapadentsev" which are the periphery of the Western world. They do not represent the majority of the Ukrainian population, and they do not have to determine the future of this country. It is clear that a genuine public enthusiasm of the population of Ukraine is the reunion of Little Russia with the majestic Russia (specifically reunion, instead of joining the 1st core warp in the other). But Kiev has become the third capital of the united RF, together with Moscow and Petrograd.

It is time to openly talk about the fact that there is no separate Ukrainian and Russian people separately. This chimera, which made for satisfaction opponents single-Russia Russia. There is one people — Russian people (or superethnos Rus). All who are against the reunification of the same whole — the enemies of Russia, Russia. Only together all the pieces of our people can build vsepolnotsennuyu power that will stand up under the blows of the global crisis. Political leaders who do not follow this path, are doomed to failure, the question of a new Bohdan Khmelnytsky and "Pereyaslav-2" — it's only a matter of time.

Recent announcements that can be considered as steps towards reunification

— Tymoshenko verdict for all its awesomeness has a positive side — alternately condemned enemy of, follower of the "European choice" Ukraine.

— Brussels postponed the visit of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in the capital of the European Union because of the case of Yulia Tymoshenko. So Makar, European bureaucrats have once again demonstrated their attitude to Kiev as a likely third-European provinces of the empire. EU-Ukraine Summit, which is expected to lead to the signing of cooperation in Brussels and Kiev contract of association and free trade zone, has been postponed until December.

After the verdict the Western media, politicians began to threaten Kiev disgrace, which is also obvious plus. Kiev will have to find friendship in Moscow. Retreat anymore.

— Kiev reiterated its position on Tymoshenko that she faces a new life — in the case of debt to Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.

— CIS Heads of Government in St. Petersburg suddenly Media signed an agreement on free trade zone. As told ITAR-TASS news agency, the Commonwealth heads of government also signed the document on the main principles of the policy in the field of monetary regulation and monetary control and the establishment of a common framework for people of third countries who enter the area of the CIS. In total, this package comes to 30 agreements. Kiev also signed an agreement on free trade zone. However, the document is not signed by Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, but, according to Putin, they may join the agreement before the end of the year.

This is a real step in the construction of the "Eurasian Union." In particular, this move looks nice on the background of the situation in the European Union, which faces the danger of collapse. Greece on the brink of revolt of the masses, difficult situation in Italy and Spain.

— Reported that undergo examination concluding mutual agreement on the transition of Ukraine and the Russian Federation on bilateral settlements in rubles.

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