Our homeland army confiscates Lukashenko under his control?

Russian army takes control of Lukashenko?In Belarus begins a new scandal in connection with the decision of the President Lukashenka nedavneshnimi of verbovanii of in the financing of the state of the armed forces. The opposition protested statement manufactured Lukashenko, in which he asked the Russian president Medvedev to allocate funds in order to increment the Belarusian currency allowances to servicemen and provide them with housing.

The last Tue head of the country met with the Secretary of Security Council of Belarus Leonid Maltsev and Defense Minister Yuri Zhadobin, which said that the authorities of the Russian Federation has received a preliminary agreement to provide similar financial assistance. According to Lukashenko, soon it was to motivate the situation in the army, its modernization, including the largest, money matters. He also noted the need for further discussion of certain issues — foreign exchange allowances and training. But the main question, His views on the Belarusian president — is the construction of housing for the military. He said that negotiations to develop a specific method on these issues has already been carried out, some agreement with the President of the Russian Federation has already been achieved. Lukashenko said that he had sent him a letter which mentioned the need to seek for the Belarusian army additional funds through a variety of directions in cooperation 2-states.

Source: "Kommersant" in the Kremlin and the Russian Government confirmed that from Minsk really did a similar request, but to the best of their information, at this point a definite decision yet as it is not, although Lukashenko and claims turnaround.

In turn, representatives of the Belarusian opposition accused the president of betraying the interests of the country, expressing confidence that the financing of the army after the start of Belarus will come under the control of Moscow. But the Lukashenko believes that nothing improper he did not. He justified his request by the fact that at this point, 2-states actually one army and the tasks facing it, and the size of payments for all that different in a half — twice. Lukashenko noted that Belarus is practically guarding the country's western borders of the Union, because the right to count on the support of Russia.

Criticism to the address made by the President of the favorite of the opposition movement in Belarus "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich. According to him, asking for money for the army — it's insulting to the military RB. Opposition leader believes that poverty Belarus army came as a result of one-sided orientation toward Russia.

Milinkevich also noted that lure Russian funds for Armed Forces of Belarus, will be "even more dangerous" than the introduction to appeal Russian ruble. In his view, this will inevitably affect the country's independence and national security. Milinkevich warned of a credible threat of future retribution: Our home can claim in the reply, that Belarusian army went to defend the interests of the Kremlin in Central Asia or the Caucasus.

Many Belarusian experts agree Milinkevich. For example, independent political analyst Ales Lahvinets gave an interview to "Kommersant", in which also criticized the samples from Moscow and Minsk, consider the Belarusian-Russian cooperation in comparison with assistance provided to Israel and Egypt by the U.S. authorities. He recalled that the U.S. does not fund the payments to the military in Israel and in the U.S. they must also do not offer.

Authorities Belarus meanwhile, are turning their attention to the one that army quite efficient and is self-sufficient. At the meeting with Lukashenko nedavneshnem Yuri Zhadobin reported that the army RB one hundred percent makes its mandated tasks. He also noted that in November 2011, a new call for military men and the spare.

In turn, Leonid Maltsev stressed that in modern conditions the sun should be able to rapidly respond to emerging hazards, and for that you need to organize them at the highest level.

Lukashenko also ordered to work question to raise the real allowances not only for the military but for all uniformed services. But it is not clear whether this will be used Russian agents.

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