Our homeland will disable NIGHT MODE Belarus electricity for non-payment. Is there a policy?

Russia shut off electricity at night for non-payment of Belarus.  Is there a policy?Belarus has been unable to pay for electricity. The country's debt to the "Inter RAO UES" on a national scale is laughable — about 1 billion Russian rubles. Why Lukashenko can not pay, and why our home suddenly become so fundamentally?

"Inter RAO UES" threatens to turn off electricity supplies to Belarus at midnight on June 29. Russian company on June 9 has limited the supply of electricity to the country because of the presence Belarus Debt 1.5 billion rubles. 13 June delivery was one hundred percent recovered, and on June 15 concern "Belenergo" listed the first tranche payment of the debt of $ 600 million Russian rubles. Now Belarus again does not pay, even though the Russians pay until June 28, promised the first face of the country, including the Belarusian Prime Minister Misha Myasnikovich.

In fact, why this scandal is blown out of proportion, not entirely clear. Our homeland is, of course, made a bid for faster media effect stories than economic. Belorussian economist Leonid Zlotnikov estimates the volume of Russian electricity throughout the Belarusian market by 5-10%. "As such the amount of debt for yourself, too funny: 55 million dollars in municipal-wide — it's nothing," — said the expert. Political analyst Valery Karbalevich believes that the issue here is different: Our homeland, they say, is trying once again to show the public insolvency Belarus, the collapse of its basic economic model. "Minsk try to force the action as soon as possible to begin the sale of municipal assets, and therefore use every opportunity to remind about the problems in the Belarusian economy," — he says.

It seems that it was, at the moment the Belarusian authorities to try to calm the panic-mongers inside the country. Belarusian energy system, as claimed by the authorities to be able to independently generate enough electricity to supply one hundred percent of the population and industry. For all this, however, is silent, that the cost of the Belarusian energy higher than Russian. In 2011, Belarus wants to import from Russia 3 billion kW / h of electricity under a contract with the "Inter RAO". The total consumption of electricity in the country in 2010 amounted to 37.46 billion kW / h

In "Inter RAO" in every way try to disown the political background of the conflict — say, we are personal company that cares about its profits. In Russia itself debating what is more to the story — politics or economics. "United Russia" denies. The head of the State Duma Committee for Energy Yury Lipatov stressed that the ultimatum "Inter RAO UES" against Minsk there any political overtones. "" Inter RAO UES "- a commercial structure, its task — to sell a product," — said the politician. He explained that "because of the debts of Belarus are falling cash turnover of the company, though what makes the work of non-arrival of funds." He added: "If you do not take tough measures, tightening Belarus payments can continue indefinitely."

Communist Party holds a different view. MP from the party Anatoly elbow noted that "Inter RAO" made such a decision in the days of "not the most suitable for Belarus"In days when country Notes funeral date — the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the war. "In doing so, we join a number of countries that are economic and political blackmail Belarus", — said the elbow, denoting the midst of such countries the U.S. and Europe. He stressed that the Communist Party asks to end this "economic and political blackmail" in the interests of Russian oligarchs and western states, "now requiring depreciation accessories companies in Belarus, the privatization and closure of all social programs." Communist, said the need to stop the political war "against our brothers."

The former head of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich sure: the conflict with the energy giant — only a political one. According to the views of professional tools for the calculations with the neighbor country has, but late payments — Belarusian authorities' attempt to reaffirm to yourself. "The Belarusian side, resenting Russia, just do not want to pay," — he said.

To the good, in general, the games official Minsk can not bring. The fact that 85% of the electricity produced in Belarus, depend on the supply of Russian gas and oil. If our homeland and limit the supply of these goods, Belarus will be very difficult.

Against the backdrop of growing economic contradictions between the neighbors grow and glow in the media. On Sunday, Belarusian state television showed a scene in which very aggressively criticized the Russian supreme control. There were sharp attacks and directly in the address of President Dmitry Medvedev. "The Russian oligarchs are not the first year of strolling around the delicious pieces of Belarusian accessories. Belarus is not against investment and privatization, but only for the actual cost, and only under the guarantee of the development of these companies and save all the jobs. Do not like it. There are plans to take for half price, and there is an obvious desire later porazgonyat labor groups. But President Lukashenko did not go for it and do not go. Here's someone here in Moscow and it seemed that the crisis is the time to drive your own ally and brotherly people in the corner and snatch away his property, "- said in a live television presenter Yuri Prokop.

Kremlin to respond to these attacks did not, but now, on Tuesday, NTV will film the continuation of the TV series about the "Godfather". In the evening air will say about the causes of the "collapse" of the "Belarusian economic miracle" and that was kept on the local economy than before. Once again, the channel in its own aggressive way to say about trivial things — depending on Minsk from external loans and a cheap Russian hydrocarbons.

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