Reunion Island repealed a law allowing the hunting of sharks

Deputy Mayor of Saint-Leu on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean roundnose ban hunting sharks (bull shark), to which he himself called before the townspeople, said on Wednesday the Agence France Pressso reference to the Minister for the Overseas Territories of France Victorin Lyurelya.

After a meeting with the Deputy measure Saint Thierry Le Robert (Thierry Robert) Lyurel said "satisfied with the decision (Robert) to revoke a law allowing hunting roundnose sharks." The Minister called a permit illegal and promised to do more carefully about the security of water sports on the island of Reunion.

On Tuesday, Robert Hunting for roundnose sharks, which are responsible for several deaths. According to him, was authorized hunting by any means, including, underwater, at any time throughout the area of Saint-Leu. Production of hunting offered to take local services, where carcasses were planning to redeem the price of 2 euros per kilogram of body weight. However, the city continued to operate a ban on trade in shark meat, and one "hunter" was not to catch more than 30 sharks.

Last week off the coast of the island of Reunion shark attacked a surfer bit off his leg, and then he died.

According to local media, it was the second year for shark attacks off the coast of the island. The first occurred on March 5, and finished well — shark did not hurt the man. Last year, the predators attacked resting six times, then killed two people.

Roundnose sharks are in the International Red Book.

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