Second Regiment complexes yars to intercede on alert


Strike force Russia's strategic nuclear forces reinforced by a new arsenal. In Teykovskogo RVSN Division is preparing to step up combat duty a second regiment of the latest mobile ground systems "Yars".

As said at the headquarters of Missile Forces, together with the "Topol-M" this complex for a long period of the strike group will form the basis of strategic ground forces in Russia.

In a sense, "yars" can be called the younger brother of "Poplars." It was developed based on it, but turned out much more powerful. Deployed military characteristics of the complex and its missile RS-24, for obvious reasons, kept secret. However, we know that the new ammo exceeds the "poplar" RS-12M2 on throw-weight of more than 20 percent. Considering that the "yars" is not one, but 3-4 nuclear power, designers, thus able to maintain range of new strategic missiles by more than 10 thousand kilometers.


But even this is not important. Experts argue that the language used when creating breakthrough technological solutions guarantee munition high survivability. According to a former chief of staff of the Strategic Missile Force Viktor Esin, in the next 20-30 years and "Yars" and "Topol-M" and a new rocket will be able to overcome any missile defense system. Rather, it is a weapon meant President Dmitry Medvedev when he spoke about the equipment of the Strategic Missile Forces and submarines with advanced munitions complexes overcome missile defense, and high-performance warheads.

General Designer of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, Yuri Solomonov, under whose guidance the work was going on, "Topol", "Yarsom" and the sea "Bulava", regarding survivability of these missiles has expressed very concisely: it is achieved through the increase of new possibilities of communication and control of nuclear weapons. At the same 'Yarse "every combat unit has individual guidance system, and the trajectory of its flight is constantly changing. Shoot down a munition American "Patriots" and their European counterparts can not.

In the framework of the START-3 Russia has the opportunity to build up its nuclear arsenal. Already by 2017, the proportion of "Topol-M" and "Yarsov" in the battle of the Strategic Missile Forces will increase to 80 percent. And four years later, the military hopes to get a brand new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile. It will replace the troops in the strategic world-famous rocket "Satan" and "Stiletto".

After a detailed statement of President Medvedev on missile defense, some experts have spoken about what other steps will Russia if Moscow's position in Washington and Brussels will continue to ignore. The Head of State also spoke about the possibility of withdrawing from the START-3. If that happens, experts say, on the agenda may be a question of returning to the Strategic Rocket Forces combat rail missile systems — BZHRK. Recall that under the START-2 is the weapons removed from combat duty.

Meanwhile, according to its survivability it was a really unique complex. Moving across the country under the guise of an ordinary train, strategic echelon remained impervious to all, including space, reconnaissance. Experts say that the return such complexes in the SMF is not a big deal. Moreover, according to some, "on rails" you can set the modern nuclear weapons. In particular, the same "yars".

Interestingly, in his time, too, the Americans wanted to create a "rail" a nuclear launcher. In the U.S., even conducted a special study on this program and have received impressive results. It was found that if the disperse 25 trains at 120 km-long section of the road and hit them hit 150 heavy missiles such as "Satan", the probability of hitting the moving nuclear complex is only 10%, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

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