Severe storm with waves up to 10 feet are expected along the coast of Kamchatka

A strong storm is expected in the North Pacific — cyclone may cause in the coastal waters of Kamchatka waves up to ten meters, according to the boundary GUMCHS Russia.

"At night, December 25 in the Pacific Ocean is expected excitement high eight to ten meters, and therefore declared a storm warning. Authority recommends that owners and masters of vessels to increased security measures," — said the agency.

Powerful snow cyclone that originated over the Sea of Japan, hit the peninsula in the early hours of Monday. Atmospheric vortex brought heavy snowfall in southern Kamchatka. Wind force on the coasts of the extreme south of the peninsula in the gusts reached 40 meters per second. Zero temperature led to the formation of ice on the roads.

Earlier it was reported that due to the snowfall Kamchatka avalanche center declared a storm warning because of increased danger of avalanches from the slopes of volcanoes and hills, from 23 to 26 December.

Particularly dangerous areas identified Viluchinsky volcanic mountain areas, Kozelsky, Koryak and Avachinsky Ust Bolsheretsky, Elizovo and Kronotsky Nature Reserve, as well as territories Milkovskiy, Bystrinsky, Ust-Kamchatka regions.

On Monday, a few hours of work was interrupted by the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Disrupted bus service to towns Nagorny, Tundra, Far, Zaozerniy.

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