The employee will pay for the Chuvash broiler emission of 11 thousand tons of waste

 Court in Chuvashia fined 100 thousand head treatment plant OAO "Chuvash Broiler" Pavel Vasilyev for the release of more than 11,000 tons of waste on agricultural land, which led to the poisoning of the soil and the loss of about 300 trees, said on Thursday the Prosecutor General's Office.

"It was established that Vasilyev independently adopted an illegal decision on the placement of more than 11 tons of waste (bird droppings) on agricultural lands, close to the garden community" Meliorator "in Cheboksary district of the republic," — said in a statement.

As noted by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office, it is poisoning the soil and caused the death of about 300 trees.

"As a result of the illegal disposal of hazardous waste, which belong to the third class of danger, was created a real threat of significant harm to human health, as the maximum permissible concentration of ammonia in the air was exceeded several times," — said in a release.

In this case, the damage caused to the environment, was more than 50 thousand.

Cheboksary district court found guilty under Article Vasiliev "violation of the rules for handling hazardous materials and waste" of the Criminal Code and fined him 100,000 rubles.

The company's website says that OAO "Chuvash broiler" was established in June 1999 on the basis of factory farming "Kugesinskaya" by infusion of investment capital group of companies "Mriya". The founders of the company are "Krasnaya Polyana +", which belongs to "agricultural holding" Kursk region and the Ministry of State Property of Chuvashia.

At present OAO "Chuvash Broiler" — one of the leading enterprises in the field of poultry meat Chuvashia and the Volga-Vyatka region, which produces more than 50% of poultry Chuvashia.

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