The program of the new government under strain by the ministers

Society official documents today's event is designated as an extended meeting of the committee on state building, local governance and regulations. However, it will be held in the Oval Room, and there really will gather all the deputies. They heard the first vice-premier Vladimir Semashko and all the vice-premier.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex, Transport, Communications and Entrepreneurship Anatoly Pavlovich House of Representatives is in the second term. And so it can compare with the previous government's plans to present:

"This program is expanded in blocks. And it is — more specific than the previous ones. When you start to study it, it immediately catches the eye. I like this approach."

MP Pavlovich says the current government plans to improve the business environment and to get on this indicator in the top 30 countries in the world, and the human development index — the first 50 countries:

"And in this program specifically itemized, who is responsible for what. Each index contains many components. And the program is not just written that we have to get, for example, in the top 30, and these specific people who are responsible for it."

The fact that the government of Mikhail Myasnikovich will operate more dynamically, hopes and expert discussion and analysis community, "Liberal Club" Eugene Preygerman:

The task facing the government funds that are typically used in the administrative system does not solve.

"Unlike the previous government, this implies that words are not enough. And we need to make some concrete steps to reform the economy. This is evident from the specific words Myasnikovich, and for some tension among the ministers and the whole state apparatus.

Other, of course, the case that, in my opinion, the problem that confronts the government, by means of what is commonly used in the administrative system does not solve. But they are trying to do it. And here — this is the voltage. "

February 15 media released a policy brief Experts Austrian bank Raiffeisen. They suggest: only privatization and the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble could save the financial system. Eugene Preygerman says that "in fact, such estimates are not only from Vienna":

"I had discussions with representatives of several international financial institutions a few months ago. And they, if not directly, saying that we should wait for the possible very serious consequences if not will be taken specific measures. Although they said that even if certain measures likely to be expected, if not shock, it is very unpleasant events for Belarusian of Finance. "

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