Traffic police to check the right without stopping the car


Today at the meeting of the Public Council of the Department of Industry and Trade Ministry Deputy Minister Alexei automotive Zhidyaev said that already tested the system with RFID for a driver's license and registration certificate of the vehicle. In documents embed RFID-tags like those on the ticket in the Moscow subway, only long range. To read it requires special devices — they planned to place along the road: a technique to retrieve information from a distance of several meters. Representatives of the Industry and Trade Ministry has appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport with a proposal to hold a large-scale experiments. During the discussion of transport equipment GLONASS Zhidyaev said that he described the system will simplify the verification of documents on the road. ? Office appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport to discuss and implement a pilot project for the implementation of technology in the scale of any Russian city.

At the beginning of 2012 on the establishment of this system reported "M2M telematics", which is controlled by the holding AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenko. Commissioned by the Department of Zhidyaev M2M, along with scientists from the MADI created a system for the identification and monitoring of road traffic. Stated that the new system is based on the integrated use of RFID-technology and satellite navigation. According to the developers, the creation of a federal system of identification and monitoring of transport will significantly improve the quality of public transport services to ensure the safety of the Russian Federation and the passenger and freight traffic.


RFID — withokraschenno from English Radio Frequency IDentification — RFID
A method of transmitting data using radio waves. RFID systems typically consist of tags, which contain information identifying the item or by indicating its status or location, reading devices and infrastructure. Connected to the tag reader, and reads the information stored in its memory.

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