Unusual winter in Kharkov

In Kharkov, zero temperature and the rain was the Old New Year will replace snow and cold snap. Forecasters predict it. Meanwhile, the city began to swell buds on the lilac and apple trees

Primrose in the Crimea, swollen buds and rain almost all regions — such outstanding January this year in Ukraine. Internet users do not get tired display pictures of flowers that blossomed during the winter. Here are the photos that made the resident of Sebastopol on the streets, and put on LiveJournal. Geranium, marigold, roses and other plants are mixed seasons. After all there for a week the air temperature reaches 18 degrees, with the plus sign, the sun shines and it rains, wrote an Internet user. To Kharkov winter also not reached. Although the streets of colors to be found, but in lilac and apple buds began to swell. According to botanists nothing surprising in this, because this activity contribute to the weather conditions. However, do not worry, experts say, it is not.

Yuri Gamula, assistant professor of botany and plant ecology KNU them. VN Karazin:"That is, if there will be a small cold, about 10-15 degrees, the plant is, in general, is not very scary. If 30 degrees of frost, the plant, which, well, they are buds began to swell, it is impossible to say that they were swollen and started to grow, they began to swell, it is not very good. And can actually be part of the kidneys frostbite. As far as critical? Then, in terms of lilacs, except the apical buds, which first start to grow, there are others, and they can replace. That is, global loss should not happen. "

Not from the cold and the rain and the animals suffer Kharkov zoo. Because of the constant drizzle animal fur not even have time to dry.

Alexei Grigoriev, director of the Kharkiv Zoo: "Beautiful fur coats that are in our animals, two months wet. And even people in an artificial something, if it passes two months, will not be good for your health. Therefore, we make special additional shelters because the weather is worse than the dry cold air. "

The abnormally warm weather, and forecasters say, but argue that over the past 10 years, it is still not very warm indicator. According to specialists, warmer than the present, turned out in 2007. Then the temperature in January with a plus kept right up to the 25th day. And add: this week Kharkiv feel the temperature reduction.

Eugene Liashenko, Section Head of Kharkiv oblgidromettsentra weather forecasts: "Should we attack cold. Synoptic situation is changing. Flows will have to form such a northern direction, and determine the weather literally on the old New Year. It will be a cyclone in the north-west Russia. That is, we expect the precipitation in the form of wet snow yet day, at night the snow is dry. We expect glaze effects on the roads. "

Snow and frost and weather forecasters predict at Epiphany. Say, at night the temperature will reach 15 degrees below zero. Afternoon the thermometer will show up to minus seven degrees.

Irina Hudokormova


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