Sign of the early release?

Society Feb. 22 at the trial of Russian citizens Ivan Gaponavym and Artem Brevsam, who are accused in the riots, the prosecutor asked for a break to prepare a new indictment. Human rights activists estimate that as a sign of possible imminent release of the accused from custody. Relatives of political prisoners is also optimistic about the future prospects of the court.

Mother accused Ivan Gaponava Sabir Atakishyeva intends to file an application in the jail on a date with her son. She also wants to take his 13-pound food parcel. Yesterday's court, where the former charged with involvement in

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GLONASS millimeter accuracy


One of the major innovative projects in Russia, able to be the engine of development, supports the global navigation satellite system GLONASS. About her condition and how to further develop the readers 'NVO' in an interview with Viktor Myasnikov says General Director — General Designer of the corporation "Russian Space Systems", General Designer Yuri GLONASS Matevich Urlichich. (Pictured)

— Yuri Matevich, this year completed the creation of the GLONASS satellite constellation. But this does not mean that it has ended its development. In terms of technical progress GLONASS system must inevitably reach a new level, to

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GLONASS and integration solutions provide a rapid growth of the Russian market of M2M


Solutions based on technologies GLONASS / GPS occupy up to 50% of the Russian market of M2M. Such data are made public at the recent Moscow business forum «M2M — Communications and Connections 2011", organized by the ComNews Conferences. According to the participants, the main driver of growth in the M2M market is a segment of the transport navigation. Today telematic technologies are widely used in monitoring systems and specialized passenger transport, intelligent transport systems, command and control of operational services, alarm systems, security vehicles. The following year, the market expects vehicle telematics rapid growth due to

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Our homeland willing to rise to the level of America

Intellectuals, members of the international discussion "Valdai Club", produced another report about the future of the Russian Federation under the title "After the restart. By order of the day or the latest in US-Russian relations. " The presentation of the document was accomplished in Berlin, and then in Moscow. On the main provisions contained in the report, in an interview with "Rosbaltu" told the director of research programs in Russia and the CIS of the German Society of foreign policy Alexander Rahr.

— What are the main provisions of the report contains?

— The report referred to certain items, in

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We must in the first place to put high-quality performance, not GDP growth

Society Tsigankov: How worrying is the trend that in January the Belarusian ruble fell nearly 2 percent?

Crook: By itself, the depreciation of the Belarusian ruble would not cause much concern, but in the conditions that we have, it is quite disturbing trend. Why? Now the ruble is a very important parameter for the whole economy, and the National Bank states that it was a course is the centerpiece of the whole monetary policy.

But foreign factors, and the international situation is not quite correspond to the intentions of the National Bank to keep the ruble within the stated

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GLONASS sets new standards for reliability

The news went unnoticed, but in vain. The concern is that the reliability of the GLONASS satellite systems and their removal has exceeded the usual (and apparently inherent in the technical documentation) bar. Now the Russian Space Agency will have to get used to deal with a more robust domestic appliances 🙂

In orbit is now quite serviceable spacecraft and replace them makes no sense, according to the Russian Space Agency

Planned for the autumn of this year, the simultaneous launch of three GLONASS satellites are likely to be postponed to a later date, told "Izvestia" in Roskosmos. The

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British scientists have trained a computer to diagnose

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Our homeland willing to lay hands on the Belarusian defense

Management RF intends to control the scientific, technical and production potential military-industrial complex (MIC) of Belarus.

On the day or during the presidential debate Mitt Romney — rival Barack Obama in the presidential election — re-styled Russian "geopolitical enemy" of the U.S., repeating own comment, made in March of this year, according to the results of the presidential campaign in Russia.

As in times past, many analysts, including Russian (including Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of the magazine "Russia in Global Affairs"), these expressions are considered frivolous Romney inspired by nostalgia for the days of cool war.

But there are those who

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Giant Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, Argentina collapsed

One of the largest area in the Argentine Patagonia, Perito Moreno glacier (Perito Moreno), formed in October last year, the dam on Lake Argentino, collapsed on Sunday, told a local TV channel C5N.

Glacier usually opened every four years. Last time, washed with water tunnel collapse occurred in July 2008, two years ahead of schedule and in the dead of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. A similar phenomenon was observed for the first time in 90 years of observations.

"The final collapse of the glacier occurred at dawn on Sunday without the numerous spectators, who for security reasons left for

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GLONASS is a mass-market

Global manufacturers phones, smart phones and other gadgets have begun to actively introduce their products chipsets to receive GLONASS signals. In a number of mobile brands have realized the function of dual-system positioning. Thus, the new smartphone from Apple iPhone 4S on the chipset Qualcomm, unlike the previous version, works as with GPS, and GLONASS. The Russian satellite system also work some phone models Samsung. The Finnish company Nokia has announced its readiness to produce smartphones, which will be used chipsets taking GLONASS. Simultaneous support for GPS and GLONASS increases positioning accuracy and reliability of positioning. For consumers, it is

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