Canadian professor publishes book on Moscow Bykov

Professor of German and Slavic Department at the University Vaterlo (Canada), president of the Canadian Association of Slavic, vice chairman of the International Association of belorusistov, one of the founders of the Canadian Fund "Children of Chernobyl" Zina Gimpelevich issued in Moscow in the Russian translation of his monograph on Vasil Bykov, which was released in 2005 published by McGill-Queen's University Press under the title of Vasil Bykau: His Life And Works.

The book is about Bykov — its fifth monograph and the first serious study of the writer, published in the West. English-language edition was designed for Western readers and received many positive reviews. Encouraged by the success, the author has translated the book to Russian language, processed for a different audience, closer acquaintance with the works of V. Bykov and the realities of his works. New book complemented by the full text of a large interview given to the writer shortly before his death.

Zina Gimpelevich born 28 December 1949 in Minsk. She graduated from the Minsk Pedagogical Institute (1971) in "Russian language and literature." In 1987, in Ottawa (Canada) defended her thesis "A typical and individual: the intelligentsia in the novels of Bulgakov and Pasternak's" Doctor Zhivago "and" Master and Margarita "" (spetsyyalnasts — Slavic Studies).



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