Country wise. Part 1

Perhaps the greatest mystery in the world — it is a mystery of the human spirit. Where is the source of the harmony of wisdom, who opens within us some amazing gate from which a man — a great sage, who gives us knowledge, which can not be expressed in words? These questions are eternal and inseparable from humanity as integral to his philosophy and religion. In the culture of the people no matter what we did looked everywhere face the riddles of human wisdom — the wisdom of the ineffable, the secret by a dense veil of myths and legends, stories of sages, sorcerers, hermits immortals.

It is not the first hundred years of the minds of those who want to penetrate the secrets of the mystical knowledge, concerned about the issue of Shambhala — a country of great sages Mahatmas. teacher-guru. Offering the great spiritual knowledge, they constantly improve their minds and get ready to join the fight against the forces of evil for the salvation of all mankind. When the world's evil will be defeated, the land will Maitreya Buddha of the Future, and the kingdom reign of universal harmony and wisdom.

The idea of peace in the world of light, which comes from Mahatma Shambhala were attracted many famous philosophers and mystics, among them — Nicholas Roerich, HP Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, R. Steiner, there were rumors that some of them, such E.Blavatskaya Gurdjieff, the sages taught Shambhala, N.Rerih even got a dedication to the highest degree. But, as often happens in such cases, nothing but vague guesses, it was not, but some mystics have great pleasure in touting themselves as "followers of Shambala", thus greatly increase their popularity. Alas, it was too shaky to even accept as a working hypothesis and go in search of the mysterious country. Immediately struck by the obvious absurdities and elementary literacy, for example, E.Blavatskaya, with all its extraordinary mind, poorly focused in Eastern philosophy, acquainted with its postulates of transfers beginning of this century and is often confused in terms of carried away by the idea of creating a common philosophy of "The Secret doctrine "- the universal doctrine of Zion throughout the world.

The idea was to find Shambhala many passionate and largest Russian researcher NMPrzhevalsky. It seemed to him that here is the source of all of eastern civilization, or at least in China, India and Tibet. Somewhere near the river Qiemo Afghanistan, he found the ruins of two cities, which was probably about three thousand years, and which, as he told the local people have been bombarded with shifting sands. It allegedly kept a huge library, and lived the true sages. Przhevalsky it seemed that he found the end of the thread that leads him finally to the center of the wisdom of the world. But good luck, accompanied him in all his endeavors, this time turned from a tireless traveler — the end of life Przhevalsky had to admit that Shambhala, apparently, they did not just a beautiful legend of the wise men.

Nevertheless, even though today the world studied through and through, even though the airspace over the Himalayas, Central Asia and China, where she could be Shambhala plow planes, human consciousness stubbornly returned to this issue, for some reason, not wanting to part with the beautiful legend ( or unknown even real?). That here and there people are declared. who tell us that chance. get lost, into the realm of the great Mahatma and gained an amazing stock of wisdom, others talk about their meditation sessions, during which they telepathically receive information from the people of Shambhala. Still others will gladly tell about how during the testing of nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site has repeatedly seen people dressed in long white robes, with equipment broke down and had to postpone the test. Shambhala shadow hovering in our reality, and people are always drawn to the mysteries of his own spirit.

Today the Shambhala say too much, thus managing to anything, in fact, not to say. Written dozens of popular and usually not very high-quality brochures about the mysteries of Shambhala with "compelling" evidence. Examples usually given a lot of information about the appearance of the different parts of the world people either Indian, or the Tibetan form, preaching peace and harmony, or the stories of those who supposedly he was in Shambhala. Well, this approach can be understood — West always "sinned" Eastern exoticism and mysticism. But unfortunately, this is not a step brings us closer to the true secrets of Shambhala. But they do exist.

But it is not surprising that, despite the current level of our civilization, we are so stubbornly believe in the country, which now does not it show? If you look closely, the mystery of Shambhala far beyond simple detection of her at some point on the globe. Shambhala is not an issue of geography, but a mystery mystical culture of the East. On it will be discussed.

To the Halls of the secret knowledge

So, what we can tell about Shambhala sources? Yes, and what sources do exist on this amazing country? Trying to reach the scientism and confidence, many authors are fond of using the phrase "sources of evidence …", but, alas, stubbornly refusing to call them. First mention of Shambhala — the monastery's greatest sages of the world, its energy can withstand the forces of evil, found in the Kalachakra Tantra, the product, which is considered sacred "secret" book of the highest spiritual initiation. Kalachakra is literally translated as "The Wheel of Time." As stated in one of the comments to this book: "What is" time "What is a" wheel "?" Time "refers to the state of infinite reverence, and" wheel "- with an endless variety of hollow forms." The realization of emptiness, and through it — to achieve the highest personal divinity, which allows to save all people, and has the ultimate goal of its teachings.

Kalachakra Tantra has become known in India about to IX-X centuries, but the very doctrine, contained in it, as it was believed more than a millennium passed down orally, and the text was not shown to anyone, it was kept a top sages of the world. The whole history of Shambhala closely, sometimes explicitly, sometimes invisibly, esoterically connected with the Kalachakra teachings, is considered one of the most secretive and complex, but at the same time the most profound teachings that allow to penetrate the world's greatest secret — the secret of the mystical life of the Cosmos, the mystery of the human heartbeat lives in the depths of the universe. A little later, we will have an opportunity to talk more about this.

"Tantra" literally means "flow", "continuity" and is commonly used in two senses. More often than not — as the name of texts included in the Buddhist canon. But there is another, deeper meaning. Tantra or Tantrism — is synonymous with one of the major currents of Vajrayana Buddhism, or "The Diamond Chariot". His followers claim that one can achieve enlightenment special secret tantric ways, such as by saying prayers, incantations (mantra), special sounds, misleading people into resonance with the cosmos (Dharani), regardless of the magical symbols of space (mandala). Because of this secret doctrine can be attained Buddhahood (ie a state of complete and final enlightenment and out of the circle of rebirth), and, consequently, start saving other people, not for the dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of years, according to other schools Buddhism, but for one human life. That tantric teachings and lay the basis for the legend of Shambhala training followers.

That Kalachakra Tantra is the first collection of ritual mantras (Buddhist prayers, spells), where it is mentioned about Shambhala. "Edge of everlasting joy, where even the songs of birds filled with supreme holiness," immediately attracted the attention of Tibetan Buddhists, followers of the teachings of Vajrayana, a little later — followers of the Madhyamaka School "Middle Way," who valued highly mystical teachings. Very important is the fact that higher spiritual initiation — initiation by Vajra Master's degree can be passed only in Shambhala. That's what Buddhism is considered the time, but now the Dalai Lama holds the initiation anywhere on the planet, because it is important not a point on the map, but a special internal state of complete mental and physical purification. But in the Middle Ages under the influence of human words Enchanted Kalachakrytantry hundreds of pilgrims flocked in search of a magical country. First sought only "point on the map."

Judging from the descriptions, with its capital Shambhala Kalapa is somewhere to the north of India. But where exactly? Dozens of assumptions. Italian scientist, Tibet G.Tuchchi by comparing a variety of sources calculated that Shambhala — is a very real "traditional place near the river Sita (ie the Tarim River)" in Western Turkestan. If we ignore the infinite comics of Shambhala, the only serious book, analyzing dozens of versions of the wonderful country, labor has become an American Edwin Bernbaum "Road to Shambala", which suggested that the Sith — is, perhaps, not only the Tarim River, but Amudarya and Syrdarya. It is noteworthy that the "Himalayan Shambhala" is applicable, this version is a tribute to Western fans eastern exoticism.

You can find a description and other areas possible location of Shambhala. For example, as the alleged location of Shambhala is often called the Himalayas. Probably the great mountain peaks attract minds of his inaccessibility, entailing a mystery that seems to be hiding in the great silence of the mountains. Although Tantric sources and do not talk about "Himalayan" Shambala, though this version, in particular, was of the HP Blavatsky, who believed that this is where the center is located, where the world has gone to a single "Secret Doctrine." After her many fans felt that somewhere in the Himalayas, covered peaks and impassable snow, live great teachers engaged day and night in meditation, that its amazing purity of spirit and mighty energy maintain the balance between good and evil in the world.

How many hot heads toss themselves, following the great Western mystics, that "in the heart of the Himalayas", on the plains of Central Asia as enthusiasts have tried to unravel the hidden meaning of paintings Roerich and through it to reach Shambhala. Unfortunately, the grand illusion of Shambhala and remained a mirage. Confused and more — was found absolutely no evidence proving the existence of a hitherto unknown to us country sages. Is all of this — a riot of imagination?

Way to Shambhala, which is not on the map

But why it is necessary to believe that Shambhala must somehow show themselves to us? Sacred knowledge to avoid any demonstration, any external manifestations, because it is generally contrary to the essence of the true, living mysticism. Shambhala (not as a country on the map, but as a country within us), we can know only by indirect manifestations, for the life-giving power of the good that comes to the world. Alas, this is certainly not available to all. But any esoteric knowledge elitist, is intended for a very narrow range of talented followers.

Teachings of tantra says that the way to Shambhala lies not so much on the ground, but above all to the inside of the person. Achieve miraculous palace can only be one who has passed some of the initial stages of purification and initiation, as required by its teachings. Therefore, in this country you can not accidentally wander, get lost in the mountains or just walking purposefully across the map.

Way to Shambhala ruthlessly verifies the depth of the human soul, and, above the purity of his intentions. After all, the mission of all the wise men of Shambhala — is an altruistic person's salvation, 'achieving a state boddisitty state grant giving his good energy. One who has this condition, called boddisatvoy, he attained the highest state of enlightenment, but not left the world of nirvana and eternally in the world to save sentient beings. Therefore followers Kalachakra often remember the words attributed to the Buddha of the future Maitreya, whose coming into the world and will be the completion of the mission of Shambhala: "Improvement of the mind must be understood as a desire to complete and perfect enlightenment for the sake of others." Thus, the only purpose of enlightenment, as the Kalachakra teachings, it does not own salvation, but above all the salvation of others.

Despite such subtle spiritual nature, Shambala has a very real description of its geography. Pay special attention to him, some of the details in the future will be able to shed some light on the mystery of the "land of Zion."

Shambhala is surrounded by eight snow-capped mountains, their location inflorescence resembles a lotus. It is seated on a lotus Buddha Gautama, is gentle and pure lotus flower, he gave his successor Manjushri, nirvana, as a symbol of the inner teachings of the transfer. But he did not say a word, because true knowledge is passed beyond words. These mountains and lotuses surrounding Shambhala seem peculiar sign of silence boddisatv that teaches more than any words.

Shambhala teachings of the sages, set out in the Kalachakra Tantra, directly associated with the name of Gautama Buddha. The story tells the following. A year after the Prince Gautama attained enlightenment and became the Buddha, on the fifteenth day of the third month, he appeared in the garb of a monk on Mount Vulture, stating "the Supreme Wisdom Sutra a thousand verses." But what was the surprise of his followers, when it turned out that while he remained in the south of India in the holy place Dhanyakatake (probably near Madras in Guntur), embodied in the form of the deity Kalachakra preaching w Kalachakra Tantra. Then sacred scroll with the words Tantra was immured within a multi-tiered pagoda-Chaiten. The meaning of the speeches of the Buddha remained in the range of a few dedicated, the first followers of the teachings.

Followers of the Kalachakra teachings understood that the words of the Buddha — the last true great teacher instruction before his nirvana, intended only to a narrow circle of the most sincere and courageous Buddhist. They called it the secret mantra and long transmitted orally from teacher to student, seeing it not just as text, but as a special technique and the path to enlightenment.

But why did the Buddha preached in several places? And this is the response from his followers. Gautama Buddha brought several kinds of people presenting their own teaching, which he explained as a function of audience capacity audience, their initial level. Hence born dozens of Buddhist schools, but only one of them is designed for the cleanest, understanding and unselfish. This — the Kalachakra teachings.

One of the first followers of this doctrine, who listened to Gautama Buddha himself was sandpiper (king) of Shambhala Suchandra. That he received enlightenment, returned to Shambhala and made a comment to this tantra six thousand verses. Since Kalachakra teachings came to Shambhala. In the center of Kalapa, the capital of Shambhala, by decree Suchandra built a huge palace-maze as cosmogonic scheme — mandala in which followers receive multistage Kalachakra initiation. She herself had declared a state Kalachakra teachings.

The secret doctrine of taking up more and more followers. Man and the world of emptiness, read as it is. First of all, it should be clearly aware of this void, which, in fact, is the original, no turbidity purity Cosmos. Inside this purest emptiness and people, and the world around him, and the whole universe is inseparably fused into absolute unity in the body of a pulsating infinite wisdom of the Buddha. This means that the person originally divine, and it is in the process of understanding the Kalachakra teachings to perceive oneself real Deity who is called — the Kalachakra deity, ie by the Buddha himself. So there was a kind of Deity Yoga, and between the mountains, surrounding Shambala are living true god who came from the circle of birth-death, finally cleansed and enlightened, all of which exist only in order to fulfill the mission of the Buddha — to save people.

The supreme teacher of the Kalachakra was traditionally considered the ruler of Shambhala, it was he who served as high priest in the rites of initiation. Particularly excelled in teaching followers eighth King of Shambhala Manjushri, the divine power that was so attractive that 35 million people have received enlightenment, having joined the Kalachakra mandala. For this he was called waders, which literally means "one who creates all generations", ie a generation of holy men. Manjushri and his successor sandpiper Pundarika were sacred rules of comprehension Kalachakra, bringing Shambhala truly was a land of deities. Thousands of Buddhists wanted to get here, because it was believed that only one entry for this sacred land excludes all human rebirth in the "worst" form (ie regeneration in plant, animal, etc.). Declare many conductors who took hold on confusing trails, compiled maps and even "guide", and the Buddhists prayed for birth in the land of Shambhala.

But, alas, history is not always favored the country enlightened people. In 624, the Muslim conquest of the country so weak that there were rumors that the great teaching is not able to resist the evil of war. Is the secret doctrine was lost forever?

And in the middle of the tenth century Indian master Čilipi taken from Orissa to reach Shambhala, teaching people to return. Several years went on his journey. He was convinced of inaccuracies and aimlessness card that he gave up dozens of conductors that are only willing to defraud a stranger money. Long hours meditating in the mountains, reflecting on the fact that he had heard of Shambhala and the wonderful teachings. And in the end Čilipi understands that the way to Shambhala — is the way inside. It can not look on the cards, but you can only try, to survive as a higher revelation after complete cleaning person. And then he reached Shambhala.

Was it real, or a physical visit to Shambhala only strong spiritual experience, we do not know. But in 966 Čilipi returned to India, and from his stories, his behavior and the amazing light that radiated from his body, it was clear that he was one of the higher initiations, and became one of the greatest scholars of tantra outside of Shambhala. And he brought with him, and clear evidence of visiting "holy ground" — scrolls with the "Great comment" Pundarika sandpipers, one of the rulers of Shambhala, the Kalachakra Tantra. Thus the Kalachakra teachings became known in India, but the mystery remains. And this secret was fifteen initiation rites that achieve the highest degree of enlightenment.

The mission of Shambhala, who lives according to the teachings of Kalachakra, continues and will continue until the arrival of the Buddha to the world of the future — always smiling Buddha Maitreya. The fact is that after the Buddha Gautama Buddha left this world and went to nirvana only true guruuchitelya Shambhala can saturate the world with their energy, destruktiviruyuschim opposing forces of evil. They confront the global entropy, they are waiting for the goodness of the world of the Buddha of the future.

Today continues the universal mission of Shambhala and the coming implementation of its cosmic significance. In 2327 came to the throne of the 25th and the last named Raudrachakrin sandpiper — "Rudra Wheels." Tantrikas know ominous prediction: in the 98th year of his reign, that is, in 2425, when 3304 comes exactly a year after leaving this world of Shakyamuni Buddha, the great war will be rolled from the mountains of Shambhala. It was then that the concentration of world evil and dirt reaches the limit comes last critical period of saving sentient beings. And the forces of good and pure reason Shambhala take the last decisive battle against the hordes of evil for all humanity. These hordes are thrown into the dust. And the mission of Shambhala in this space age will be realized.

Buddhism, then, can be quite forgotten, living only in the minds of the few strong and courageous followers, once again flourish in its true form, and that the era of the triumph of the Dharma — Buddhist teachings will continue for another 18 centuries to expire last period of the Buddha Sakyamuni. Come into the world a new era that will be marked by the phenomenon of the future Buddha Maitreya.

Taught in Shambhala?

Indeed, are we able to find out how learning is to Shambhala, as they could find her people so mighty wisdom that became able to warm your spirit world? It would seem rather ridiculous question, first of all, we have not even figured out whether there is Shambhala, really? Moreover, the very knowledge of Shambhala — the secret and, according to tradition, ordinary people know it is not given. Nevertheless, we can at least in general terms, to know its contents. After all, on what converge Shambhala legend, It was based on the Kalachakra Tantra, or more precisely, the doctrine of the divinity of Kalachakra. This doctrine is now widely preached in one of the largest movements of Lamaism — offshoot of Tantrism, and the higher the Kalachakra initiation in repeatedly carried out, in particular, the supreme patriarch of Lamaism, the Dalai Lama. Therefore, following the ancient text Kalachakra are capable arguments assume, as happened comprehension levels higher wisdom in Shambhala.

Kalachakra system involves a complex chain of initiations to symbolize the gradual incarnation itself as the true god, able to withstand the forces of universal evil. Chain initiation begins in early childhood, often in five or six years, and continues to old age. All men can not go through all this fantastically complicated way to the end, and the psyche of every person is able to stand it.

In total there are fifteen initiations: seven elementary, symbolizing the emergence of a mature sage, five universities and four great higher initiations. Initial initiation — a chain of children's initiation, resulting in first cleanse the body and then the mind. Among the higher initiations there are secret, the meaning and forms of which are known only to the true servant of Kalachakra. It belongs to the highest, in particular, the initiation of wisdom by which to distinguish the true wisdom of the world from any sediment, verbal interpretations and imitations. Last, fifteenth, initiating "the final initiation into the world", after which the sequence begins, truly communicate with threads of the Cosmos, and his wisdom, his mind becomes eternal and unquenchable. He joins a clan of these Mahatmas. Concludes this line of "final initiation", then the sage called Vajra Master. Vajra is the main Buddhist sign and may represent a sheaf of lightning, diamond, thunderous ax terrible deities. Vajra later became izoorazhatsya as a bundle of lightning captured in the middle. Rare Buddhist saints do without vajra mark, so the title of Lord or Master Vajra means nothing else than the attainment of all the mysteries of the Buddhist teachings and turn the person into a god.

Let's walk together with the followers of all the Kalachakra initiation phase, which leads to the formation of a true Mahatma.

Modern training Kalachakra system accurately reproduces the way that a thousand years ago was formed, according to tradition, Shambhala. And it means that we go the way of Shambhala.

Before the initiation of the next twelve steps preparatory phase, which is called — education. First of all, we should learn to motivate their actions as altruistic, resolutely refusing to do something just for yourself. Secret writing of Shambala — a treatise "37 practices" — says about the condition of sincere openness and commitment to the world: "This practice Boddisatvy — to free themselves and others from the ocean of cyclic rebirth listen, reflect and meditate day and night without tiring."

In order to join the secret knowledge, it is necessary to perform a few conditions to be born in the family of llama (tantric mentor (counts and "spiritual birth," in which one of the highest lamas takes neophyte in his "family"), gradually join the mantra, take vows of service Boddisatvy and mantra, to sanctification, to learn the secret nature of the mandala.

There is another important requirement — must learn to be patient and realize that the only purpose of it all polysyllabic way — only to serve people who probably would never know that you exist. Kalachakra Tantra puts it this way:

"This practice Boddisatvy — away into solitude.

In order to eliminate the negative manifestations, a strengthened spirit.

Coley you will not be distracting thoughts, the truth will increase.

Through purity of mind, of belonging to a secret doctrine, to grow. "

Finally, after a long preparation the person becomes conscious follower of the Buddhist doctrine and especially — the doctrine of Tantra, which is considered the eleventh qualifiers. At the final stage of the twelfth-training one learns to listen to the advice of others on about how to analyze the images that arise in the mind in moments of meditation. After all these images — a manifestation of the divine powers in man, and we need to understand these secret signs, so as not to stray from the right path.

So, after all the preparation, strengthening your spirit and patience, one is ready to comprehend the higher wisdom — to the chain initiation.

Baby initiation are primarily designed to purify the mind from polluting thoughts and misconceptions. The follower must cultivate a clear awareness of himself as truly divine. This means, for example, an understanding of what your body is not of flesh and bones, but is far superior to the body — it is not just a body-human, but divine spirit, hidden inside you. "I" — is also far from being the everyday person we see in the mirror, and even his thoughts and feelings. "I" — that's what's behind all this, which is the basis of all existence in general, it samobozhestvennost. Koscha follower gradually aware of all these conceptual subtlety, it is not difficult to understand that all that is seen and even feel — is sacred, divine, is no different from the Divine. This is called "being constantly mandala."

That brings us to the key concept of teaching shambalistskogo mandala. What is a mandala? We are accustomed to understand the mandala as a picture, a Buddhist symbol, consisting usually of complex concentric circles and squares inscribed in them, usually oriented to the cardinal. Indeed, the mandala — the image. But this in itself is only the expression of a certain image of the internal image in us, mysterious scheme cosmogonic deity. The term "mandala" is a set of values, which depend primarily on the context in which that word. "Mandala" means "circle", eg "mandala of the Sun", or "sacred place of birth," or "members of the human body." Even a drop of water with the spices used in Buddhist rituals, can be called a mandala.

But the followers of the Kalachakra mandala — not a picture, not a simple circle, this place stay sacred deities. Thus, the mandala — is a huge building, like a labyrinth, built in accordance with strict rules are usually in the form of concentrating circles and squares in a spiral converging to the center. The deity also be called a "mandala", and thus the place of his residence, and it is itself together under a single name. By the way, if a person is reincarnated into a god, then he becomes a mandala. Today structures mandala can be found in the Chinese Tibet, and it is believed that they exactly mimic the mandala of Shambhala.

For a follower of the Shambhala mandala image can be perceived as a common map-scheme, although one that is shown in the figure, quite unusual. This plan palaces (or palace) Kalachakra teaching fellow and most dedicated in the "body" deity Kalachakra. Man is inscribed into the universal scheme of it on all sides are the rays of energy, heating the world. He suddenly becomes indistinguishable from the very substance of the energy world. That's where lies the amazing impact energy power wise Shambhala.

So, early in the sequence reaches the purity of mind and purity of the body. The meditator comes to a clear understanding of divinity itself. Man becomes indistinguishable from the divine fabric of the world. Man becomes God. This is called the stage of divine yoga, which is based on two requirements — a clear manifestation of the divine body and pride of this samobozhestvennosti.

Naturally, in this case, the sense of pride is different from normal human pride and arrogance, the 15th Dalai Lama explains the meaning of this pride in his book, "Tantra in Tibet": "First the person meditating on emptiness, and then, to the extent that the mind gradually captured emptiness, the meditator begins to believe that the use of this intelligence as a source of appearance (all the phenomena of the world and the wisdom of the universe itself.) At this time, only a sense of "I" is a manifestation of the sacred full of pride. As a person that brings pride He destroys the concept of its eternal existence, which is the root of cyclic existence (ie rebirth in a new guise, while the goal of Buddhism — to get out of it. — AM). "

But let us imagine how difficult it is to realize itself divine. And to make sure that it is not a product of the realization of a severe mental disorder and as a result have not been born yet another false prophet. For this to become a true awakening of the awareness of the divinity within yourself, which is inherent in us initially, it does take some knowledge of the "secret" techniques of meditation and self-education. A daunting task that requires a lot of courage and honesty ahead. And yet — special care for life, a tact time of entry into the palaces control world order. Let us listen to how demanding and harsh sounds one of the verses of the Kalachakra Tantra, which may have been a sign, and the inhabitants of Shambhala:

"This practice Boddisatvy — to abandon this life

To part with close friends,

Since that was a long time together.

Health and achievements — all left behind.

And the inn of your body

Will leave the Guest-consciousness. "

To facilitate the task of self-awareness deity, training is divided into several stages. First of all, we should not just present itself only deity, but to dismember his body on a psychophysical continuum consisting of, say, legs, hands, thoughts, plans, memories, ie all that forms a harmonious and spiritual personality. Then, each part should be ascribed divine nature.

According to Tibetan medical concepts, man is composed of five components: earth (solid matter, including bones), water (fluid, blood, urine), fire (heat), wind (internal metabolic processes) and space (blanks). Man in the meditation is that the six senses — nose, ears, eyes, tongue, body, and all that they perceive in the world, ie sounds, smells, colors, also divine.

Each stage of the initiation of a specific area or cleans our body or our mind, or their lives. Divinity, feeling light holiness should fill all that it touches the body of thought, or a follower of Kalachakra. First, the earliest, the water clears initiation five components, ie earth, water, fire, wind and space. Next "initiation of the Crown" clears five states — form, feelings, ability to distinguish subtle component factors and consciousness. Initiating a silk ribbon clears nine winds, ie nine components of the external world. Initiation of Vajra (Buddhist mark as a bundle of lightning) and bell clears the left and right energy channels of the body. Initiating behavior clears six sense organs — eyes, nose, ears, tongue, body, and the possibility of spiritual experiences, as well as correlating with objects. Initiating the name clears six functions — the mouth, hands, feet, anus, urinary and reproductive function, and that relates to them. "Resolution initiation" allows you to clear the spirit of man at the moment of its rites, after which he is entitled to instruct himself, while still lying in front of him a long way higher initiations.

Four groups of phenomena — the body, speech, mind and spiritual zeal relate to four of the Kalachakra deity, which is one of the incarnations of Gautama Buddha — white, red, black (or dark blue) and yellow. Thus, the sequence gets the first two initiation correlated with the body of a white person, the next two on speech (silk ribbons and vajra and bell) from the red face, the following two related to the brain (behavior and name) from a white person, and " final resolution "of the yellow face. So he met with all parties divinity Kalachakra.

But the essence of the Kalachakra can comprehend only came in, inside the mandala, and thus understand its meaning within. This is the most difficult journey that takes the novice in his life, though he did not have to overcome on the way or mountains or arid deserts. Travel the maze-mandala is primarily a journey into the very deity Kalachakra.

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