From the cruiser Yury Dolgoruky was successfully launched two Bulava

From the cruiser "Yury Dolgoruky" was successfully launched two "Bulava"On Friday, a nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky"Under the state program flight tests carried terminates this year salvo missile launch "Bulava". Launch had a pair of missiles from the waters of the snow-white sea. RIA "Announcements" conveys that this was reported to Colonel Igor Konashenkov, the official dealer of the Defense Ministry.

"Launch The snow-white sea of waters produced from a submerged position on the Kura test site (Kamchatka). The flight was in normal mode. On the ground in the time arrived warheads. This is recorded by means of an impartial control "- reported Konashenkov.

According to Colonel main feature of the launching was to develop a pair of burst firing missiles on board the vehicle — the cerebral rocket fourth generation of "Boreas" (APC "Jury Dolgoruky").

The crew of the submarine commanded by Vladimir Width, captain of the first rank, in the fourth time in the last 6 months, which produces test launches of ballistic missiles "Mace"." Demonstration of a good combat training of the crew of the ship has already become a classic, "- said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.

State tests of sea-based ballistic missiles "Mace"Was started in 2004 out of 18 made in the framework of programs from 11 test launches have been found to be successful. Tests to become the most successful this year. All made four starts with the" Yury Dolgoruky "were successful.

Earlier launches were made from the board of languid missile submarine strategic focus "Dmitry Donskoy" Mind Project 941 "Akula" modernized under the project.

Russian Defense Ministry stated a couple of times that a good start would be the result of multiple launch decisive for adopting a "Yuri Dolgoruky" and "Bulava". According to the standards of procedures flight tests of missiles of this type salvo launch — Defining and terminate.

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