In Volgograd hit lane on the road

Last night in Volgograd, the infamous worst roads in the country, the activists of the public movement "For the good of the road", hoping to draw attention to the urgent problems, created Walk of Fame for the officials responsible for this roadless sloppiness. All holes in the street Tankistov were encircled by stars and each star is assigned a name of an official city hall and the regional government.

Who drove a car through the cities and villages of Russia is well aware, as the joy that is able to give a comfortable, reliable car, not too expensive, but the quality of fuel and motor oil in an instant can be multiplied by zero bad roads.

It is not known whether there is pavement in Volgograd better from taking action, but at least some moral satisfaction exhausted poor roads citizens should certainly get. Because now anyone with a car can trample wheels names Governor Bozhenov SA, chairman of the regional government Khramova KK, Regional Transport Minister Putin AA, Mayor Vasilkova VD and other masters of the city and the region.

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