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It involves an invasion of red weather

People with red hair often born in the humid

It involves an invasion of red weather

British scientists have uncovered the mystery of people with red hair, finding out that they often are born in countries where the climate is more humid and cold, and the sky — mostly cloudy. About 6% of the whole of northern Europe are red, state preliminary statistics. Moreover, according to The Telegraph, the palm is, apparently, belongs to quite the United Kingdom: red hair in 13% of Scots, 10% and 6% of Irish English.

This finding is likely explained by the fact that the inhabitants of these regions suffer from a constant lack of sunlight, says one of the study authors Rector of the University of St Andrews, Alistair Moffat. "People who live in tropical African countries, due to an overabundance of dark-skinned vitamin D, produced by sunlight, but the people of the Nordic countries, in contrast, have pale skin, sensitivity to sunlight, which produced the same freckles" — he explained.

In its work, scientists thought red haired people in different European countries and spent a total of about 4 thousand tests. For example, they found out why the red in the UK, more people than in Scandinavia, despite the fact that the humidity of the climate in these regions is about the same. It turned out that everything is a matter of clouds: the average daily time of sunshine, for example, in Sweden is 5.4 hours, while in Scotland — only 3.1.

The number of people wearing "red gene", was even more impressive than the number of those who have it appear. For example, in Ireland, red hair have 10% of the population, but the corresponding gene was found in 46% of the population. The scientists added that if both parents are carriers of it, it is in 25% of cases will be transferred to their children.

Ginger people make up only 1% — 2% of the world's population. In ancient times, have been associated with various superstitions. For example, the Greeks believed that the red death turns into a vampire, and in the Middle Ages, during the "witch hunt", persecuted, first, red woman. Except perhaps that was ancient Rome, where slaves red valued much more rest.

We also know that people do not go gray red, and are age-blond, they are mostly left-handed, and red women are considered more temperamental natures. However, the red-haired people are more prone to a number of diseases, including such as Parkinson's disease and skin cancer. For this reason, it is contraindicated for long exposure to ultraviolet rays. There were also rumors that after 100 years, redheads will disappear from the face of the Earth, but later scholars have refuted them.

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