Libyan Embassy in Minsk silently watching the revolution

The Embassy of Libya in Minsk refused to provide information "on any matter", arguing that a diplomatic mission to operate as before.

In protest against the actions of the authorities in Libya, some diplomatic missions this country announced that they would suspend the performance of their duties. Meanwhile in the Libyan embassy in Minsk, which is headed by Charge d' Mohamed Khalifa, claim that the embassy is working normally. However, no information was not supplied to the questions and not adkazvayuts.Typovy response from the Libyan embassy in Minsk

"The Embassy does not provide any comments. The Embassy does not provide any information. "

In the Belarusian embassy in Tripoli said that the embassy and its staff are working normally. However, citizens are turning to the issues regarding the return to Belarus, and "some of this is happening." Embassy spokesman said in Tripoli "very dangerous", but did not comment on the protesters firing aircraft.

Deputy Head of Information, head of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Vanshina said, "Freedom", the official Minsk continues to closely monitor the situation. The embassy in Tripoli has links with Belarusian citizens.

"According to the information we have, no citizen was injured. Now our diplomatic mission in contact with the embassies of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan is considering options for the evacuation of the Belarusians. Now plan to send our flight Emergencies Russian citizens living in the Libyan capital and its surroundings, as well as the families of embassy staff. Belarusian diplomats remained in Tripoli and will continue to provide the necessary assistance to our citizens. "

Vanshina noted that due to the rapidly deteriorating situation in Libya, Foreign Ministry strongly recommends not to travel there. Earlier in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry expressed the hope that "soon stop the violence and restore peace and order in this friendly country."



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