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Among the suspects in a criminal case about the events of December 19 — a lot of students at the European Humanities University (EHU). For example, now in Vitebsk KGB interrogations cause tretsyakursnitsu Anna, though she protests the day was outside Belarus.

Vitebsk Region

Journalists will be judged on the complaint of state ideology

In the last month, police Glubokskaya closely interested person Constantine Shytalya— Independent journalist Site He writes materials on political issues, on the day of elections on December 19 was an observer at a polling station in the Deep, and after the events of Minsk tracked the fate of detained persons countrymen, which also contains material on the site.

Unaware of any guilt, Constantine Shital he headed the department since the police first called him a few times, and then started to look for relatives, friends and acquaintances:

"I went, and I questioned what I was doing as an observer at the polling station and what I saw. And then brought in Glubokskiy executive committee to Mrs. Helena Zibaravay, which at the time was the chairman of the electoral district election commissions, and legal adviser to the executive committee made up my report for an administrative offense — a violation of Article 13 of the electoral law. "

As it turned out, one of the observers, "the Belarusian Union of Women," an employee of the ideological department of the District Executive Committee Maria Matsulevich written by Constantine Shytalya a complaint to the prosecutor. He allegedly Dec. 15, violating the rights and duties of the observer, a student asked a local vocational school, or on his own he came to vote early. Also observer complained that Constantine Shital places on the internet information about the elections, which it considers untrue.

According Shytalya, employee executive committee, obviously, was to the article "An independent observer saw a rigged election results in the Deep."

I've seen how the manipulation of the ballots.

"I've seen how the manipulation of the ballots — were taken as a stack of ballots for different candidates, put on a pair of ballots for Lukashenko and so carried the chairman of the commission. And I wrote about it. "

The prosecutor's office decided against journalist-observer should take administrative action under Article 9:10 (violation of the electoral law). The trial of Constantine Shital held on March 3.

Vitebsk KGB is looking for witnesses, even abroad

Vitebsk KGB continues to search for witnesses to the events of December 19. But in the field of intelligence services began to get people who do not have anything to do with the protest. 20-year-old Anna, a student tretsyakursnitsa Yerevan State University, told how she was invited to an interview KGB:

"He called and said that I should come to the survey, or just talk to him. He said: "Do not be afraid, do not worry!" December 19 I was in Vilnius. Maybe the KGB interested in something specifically about our university, if there is disobedience to the authorities, or something like that. "

After the events of December 19 Minsk YSU students questioned massively. According to the students of Vitebsk, the KGB trying to find out details about there the young activists.


Shklovsky KGB department concerned trustees Vladimir Neklyaeva

Former member of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva Byalynichy Nicholas Myatselitsa questioned in Shklovsky interdistrict department of the KGB. The activist was summoned as a witness in the case of mass riots in Minsk on December 19.

Nicholas Blizzard was not party to the protest on Independence Square. During the election campaign, he actively campaigned in Bialynichy district for presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. Collected signatures in his support. This, according to the activist, and the committee members were interested in:

"He was questioned on the fact of a criminal case on the riots as they motivated. Trying to find out: how do I get the newspaper? Who would bring a tent? Who passed me discs? Or funded by this? What are the reasons I've had — for money or to participate as a thought? Subtly tried to extract some information about her brother. I believe that this was the main goal. "

The apartment Metelitsa Nikolai committee members in early January, a search was conducted. They took away a computer system and electronic storage media. A month gave.

Oleg Snowstorm

Brother of Mr. Nicholas Oleg Snowstorm was a trustee Neklyaeva. After the dispersal of the protest went abroad for fear of arrest. Is now in Vilnius. He is one of the founders of the Belarusian office of public and political representation in Lithuania. Interrogation brother and searched the apartments considered a confirmation that the return to the homeland is delayed for a long time:

"I am happy that these elections were the first, if not sat down and was able to get to the area. Sit down — this is the easiest. Villages — you're a hero, and in principle can not do anything. We understand here that we will be more active here, the more we will be interested in Belarus ", — says Oleg Snowstorm.

Blizzard says Nicholas, asked the committee members and confidant Neklyaeva of Shklovsky's Petra Migursky. Of all the principals of opposition presidential candidate, who remained in Belarus, but it has not been summoned to the KGB. A month ago, he was forced to resign from the University of Mogilev food. Now do not rule out that it will receive a summons to the KGB. Says Peter Migursky:

"Soldafonstvo, which is present in the work of the security services, said the weakness of the government. They could flaunt my person to the West, "Trustee Neklyaeva, a person who is engaged in politics is not on the side of the current government and working in the state structure. Which violations of democracy mean?". As recent events in the Middle East, the number of aircraft — it not an indication of the forces of power. "

Grodno region

With the conclusion of the "American" lawyer met since being charged

Ales Kirkevich

Mother Ales Kirkevich Ms. Larisa said, "Radio Liberty" that her son for almost a month held in "an American," and investigations are not carried with him.

The other day, Mrs. Larisa received two letters from her son. Most of her worries his health, because before Ales wrote and asked him to send him medicine for the treatment of heart disease.

Kirkevich"He writes that while heart calmed down and did not bother him. However, do not write about was whether the drug. But his letters dated 17 and 20 February, it may not yet have received. "

I ask Ms. Larissa — son writes about how the day passed in a cell?

Kirkevich"He writes that he is engaged in self-education: wrote a self-taught German language, in addition still wants to learn English. Requests that have given directory to write the book in the mail. He can do it, because his account is money. "

Mrs. Larisa says that the chance to meet with the son she does not, as in this family denied
all prisoners "American."

According to his mother, after the Feb. 3 Alesia indicted with him had never met his lawyer.

Kirkevich"On the third of February's lawyer had never was. I said that just this week plans to deal with his case. However, no additional information is not received counsel.

"The purpose of government — to keep active people in shameful conditions"

Human rights activist Victor Sazonov said that the political prisoners it is constant practice. According to him, the goal is to be the most active people hold the most shameful conditions in the jail:

"By and large, in this case there is no sense, there is no obvious fault, and there is nothing to investigate. And so it is, in the first place. And secondly, there generally has problems with visiting lawyers concluded: it is necessary to place some sort of sit out, then something else. And under the law of attorney has the right to meet with his client in any day and at any time. "

Ales Kirkevich is in the KGB jail as a suspect in Part 2 of art.293 of the Criminal Code — Active participation in the riots. He had previously served in Minsk on 10-day arrest for participation in a solidarity action on December 24 outside the prison in Akrestsin in Minsk.


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