Rock concert in support of the Altai plateau Ukok be held in Moscow

The group "Rada and Blackthorn" will perform on Tuesday in one of Moscow clubs in support of the Altai Ukok Plateau is a World Heritage Site, where the recent decision of the local authorities allowed the construction of linear facilities, including pipelines, according to a community of the World Wide Fund for Nature ( WWF) in livejournal.

"The audience is waiting for a half hour heavy" shamanic "folk-rock — folk metal postindustrial, define it as the musicians themselves. This is Russia's first music program made a world trend, connecting different musical styles with the style of shamanism, and the first Russian musical program supporting environmental message, as social advertising "- said in a statement.

The group will present the full version of its new program "Ukok." In this case, not a single word about the plateau Ukok endangered because of plans to build the export pipeline, the songs do not.

In addition to playing an updated and enlarged group "Rada and Blackthorn," the audience is waiting for the premiere of a slide show with views Ukok Barnaul known photographer Igor Heitmann.

"In 2008, during the first wave of public campaign in support of Ukok, Heitmann has created a traveling photo exhibition, traveled to Moscow and several major cities in Siberia under the banner of Greenpeace and WWF", — the report says.

In September, the group has already performed with this project, its presentation was supported by representatives of non-governmental organizations working for the preservation of Ukok — WWF, Greenpeace Russia, a coalition of "Keep Ukok."

Pipeline "Altai" will connect gas fields in western Siberia to China, it would stretch from Urengoy to Shanghai. The project cost is estimated at $ 14 billion. Russia and China signed the basic conditions for the supply of gas in September 2010. It is assumed that part of the pipeline will pass through the plateau in the Altai Ukok.

Ukok plateau — a plateau in the Kosh-Agach district of Altai, in 1998, it was the inclusion of part of the World Natural Heritage "Golden Mountains of Altai". In 2005, in response to Russia's international obligations for the protection of the natural heritage in the plateau was created by the natural park "Ukok Quiet Zone." There are many archaeological sites, burial mounds, one of which in 1993 was found the mummy of "Altai Princess", the age of discovery is estimated at 2.5 thousand years. Indigenous Altai it as their ancestor, and the plateau Ukok for them — a sacred place, which, in their opinion, would be permanently desecrated, if there will begin construction of the pipeline.

As previously stated the head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov pipeline "Altai" plateau Ukok not cause harm to nature, and the pipeline is needed in the republic. He explained that the Ukok Plateau consists of three zones — "A", "B" and "B". Of these, only the latter was allowed to carry on business. However, the new regulation (on August 2) states that the construction works are now allowed throughout the park.

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