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Rule the world … caste

The global crisis, raging for over a year on the planet seems to be on the decline. And it will surely be over. But many questions remain, and chief among them — who are to blame for his appearance? Usually in such cases, all blamed on the machinations of some secret societies, most Masons. They are the subject of hundreds of books and thousands of articles, but for sure they are not known anything. Why? Because most of the stories about Freemasonry — it is a view from the side. And in order to understand the phenomenon, it is necessary to look at it from the inside, which was done by the famous Russian writer and director, the author of the book "Interview with a Freemason" Andrew Sinelnikov.

Andrew, today, many people say that all the world's ills — the machinations of some secret forces. Most often in the guilty are Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians. Is this true?

— Masons today — rather, it is an oldest club of gentlemen. Speaking of conspiracy theories and secret societies, any secret society secret just is not — it is fundamentally wrong wording. Correct to say "closed", as if it were truly a secret, we would never have learned about him. A closed society will not allow myself to strangers.

In this case, any system of closed societies consists of three circles. First round — round cover. Second round — a circle of misinformation. It was only in the third round is really something secret. So the Masons, as well, by the way, like the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati — this is only round cover. But that's who he covers, we do not know. But apart from the "popular" Masons, Rosicrucians and Illuminati, there are other, far less well-known closed structures — such as the Order of the Dragon, or the Order of Sirius. Meanwhile, the Order of the Dragon — is a system that brings together 24 the oldest royal families in the world. And it is the Grand Master Michael Stewart.

— What is the history of the origin of society of Freemasons?

Do Masons themselves have multiple versions on this. The most ancient states like masons went from the builders of Solomon's temple in Israel. According to legend, the architect of the temple — Hiram — murdered by his disciples, but the rest of the master and apprentice created some order, which subsequently evolved into Freemasonry. Actually, why they are called Freemasons. A dedication to the Masons to this day is the game and based on the story of the murder of Hiram and rebirth. Dagger, bare chest, a rope around his neck — all required parts play-initiation. Incidentally, the indispensable attributes of every Masonic temple — treated and untreated stones — Referring all to the same old story. It should be understood: raw stone — a man who did not understand. A worked stone — a man who became an initiate. Mandatory for the Masonic Temple are also two columns, symbolizing not the Earth and the universe, not the chaos and order, and not knowing and not-knowing. Many interpretations. In the middle of a temple is the chair on which sits the Master of the lodge, which is why it is called the "master chair".

The second legend links the origin of the Masons with the Knights Templar. Though nine knights "established" the Templars in the stables of the same temple of Solomon. Initially the aim was to protect pilgrims Templars, but then moved on to the members of the Order of the Temple of Solomon treasure hunt, in what succeeded: Templar Order became the richest in the world. But the money in the end and ruined Templars: Philip the Fair, King of France, considerably indebted to the Order, in order not to pay the bill, sent to the stake of the Grand Master Jacques de Molay. Alas, it did not help overlord seize gold Templars: the treasure vanished into thin air. With the death of the Grand Master of the Order collapsed. The surviving Templars took refuge in Scotland — and they became the founding fathers of Freemasonry.

There is a third legend, which considerably reduces the age of the Freemasons. In 1711, in London, in the tavern "Goose and Baking" gathered craftsmen who built the city. After some discussion, they have created a great English lodge of Freemasons. Because it included a smaller union, she was named as the parent lodge. Actually, from her and went Freemasonry movement as such.

— According to two of the three legends, the home of Freemasonry — Israel. What is there about this?

In Israel, oddly enough, believe that Freemasonry with the temple of Solomon in no way connected. According to the Israelis, the Union of Freemasons was brought into being the construction of the railway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in the XVIII century. Masters, who came to work the French and the British, have created two boxes: French and English. They became so "pot", which originated Israeli Freemasonry.

— It turns out that all the world's atrocities Masons have nothing to do?

Yes, the blood of Christian children, they do not drink … Though, if it comes to that, they are basically the same as what babies drink blood: Freemasonry — it is very toleration philosophical movement. They lie on the altar just three sacred books of the world — the Koran, the Bible and the Torah. The Masons have the right to choose which one to read, how to follow — no violence is not here. I asked a very simple question directly to the member of the Great Lodge of Israel: "And if I'm an atheist and Marxist, what can I do?" He replied: "You can put the" Capital "by Karl Marx at the altar, if you consider it a holy book. Important thing is not what book you worship, but a kind of sanctity in the soul."

— But what about the world revolution? Indeed, it is known that most of the Decembrists were in the Masonic lodges that the dollar and other symbols of the United States shows the Masonic symbols, and in excess, and the founders of the U.S. were also Masons …

— Explained everything very easy. First, indeed, the Great American Revolution created a very specific Masonic lodges. No one admits that Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and in general all the so-called founding fathers of the United States were Masons. But do not forget that at that time the elite was in Masonic or some other boxes. Just as in the USSR, it was almost impossible to hold a high position of leadership and not be at the same party member. People in power had to be in the pocket of the Communist Party ticket. The same happened in the XIX century, the only role played by the Communist Party Masonic lodges. In countries that have chosen the democratic path, any person who held a senior position in any sphere of life, was in the ranks of the Freemasons. And, accordingly, when in America revolted against the domination of England, it led those who have been more organized, that is, the Masons. It is the same with the Decembrists: almost all the nobility of the time consisted of Masonic lodges. In high society, it was like a game. And when the Decembrists took to the Senate Square, the eight or nine-tenths of them were Freemasons.

Polish uprising led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko also Freemasons and the Great French Revolution was "made" Masons.

Goes even a legend that when Louis was beheaded, then a man ran up to the scaffold, dipped in the blood of a handkerchief and shouted, "Jacques Molay, thou art avenged!"

The story and almost anecdotal story. And Chilean dictator Pinochet overthrew Salvador Allende they were in a Masonic lodge. By statute, Mason has no right to kill Mason. Because Pinochet came to Allende, and said that he will have the protection of two hours, pay attention to what is happening in the palace, so he fled. But El Salvador refused, turned the flag and proudly awaited the assault.

— It turns out that the revolution — a struggle of some of Masons with others?

In essence, yes. At the same time, it's like saying if a quarrel Yeltsin and Gorbachev — is dismantling of the Politburo of the USSR. Historically, that the elite XVIII-XIX centuries, was among the members of the Masonic lodges. True, it is curious why the idea of Masonry, and not some other, so captured the imagination of mankind. But I think the answer to this question lies in the main slogan of Freemasonry: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Also very viable structure was Freemasonry — with its rigid vertical hierarchy. Successful an organization which is a climb up the ladder, where there is a strict statute. Such structures are very tenacious due to internal discipline. Even in the Academy of Sciences to move forward based on the same scheme: PhD, Doctor of Science, corresponding member, academician. And the Masons: student, apprentice, master, the supreme master, master.

— Still smoke without fire. Visiting the Masonic Lodges of Israel, you have learned anything from the government of the world, or at least comfortable life?

I talked long and tedious with these Masons, when he wrote a book about them, and made a film. And I have them developed good friendships. More

I repeat again: Freemasonry today — it's still a "gentlemen's club of aging." They are, in modern language, hang out. Meet every month and make some reports tell different interesting stories. They have a kind of banquet table, where they have the right to attend the uninitiated guests from them interesting people. And I, having got over the white table, directly asked: "How do you actually control the world?" They laughed: "So we sat there and talked, and the next day the price of oil will fall."

And when I asked one of his friends that he personally makes communication with the Masons, he replied: "I was just wondering." Only at the end of the meeting, admitted: "But I have a mobile phone is a direct Rothschild." I then thought it was a joke. But now I live in a mobile phone four Rothschild Baron, his son and two grandsons. Because all the Rothschilds have always consisted in the Masonic lodges. And in the process of writing the book I had made friends with all of them. But to be honest: it does not help me to better do business or get huge loans.

— Yet what in Masonry more — or villainous genius?

I have the impression that people just need some external and unknown enemy. At one time, as such, were the Illuminati, and now Freemasons. I was there, so it happened at a banquet in honor of the old mason Israel. At the celebration has gathered a huge number of people from all over the world. Including the Grand Masters. On view — quiet lovely old man who chatted with each other peacefully. Maybe they are some plots and weaving, but apparently it did not showed. But in front of me was a man from Scotland. He is a very good Russian told me the story of the world of Freemasonry. And when I asked him where he learned the language so well, he admitted that from 1986 to 1992 he lived in Russia and helped one famous politician take a very important position. Then I did not ask.

— In Asia and Africa, there are lodges?

Of course! The so-called "green box" is very strong in the Muslim world. For example, it forces green Freemasonry — Young Turks — was "made" the Turkish Revolution in 1908.

— But in the world there are far more influential organizations — those who, as you say, the Freemasons only cover.

Yes, behind Freemasonry are organizations of which we know nothing. I gave the example of the Order of the Dragon, which became known only because it includes the royal family: Stuart, the Habsburgs … The Romanovs were there too. There Sirius Order, but of him, except the name, we do not known. And there are also the Order of the Swan, and the White Eagle, and many others, all of them — a mystery.

— And there are structures that oppose Masons?

There are legends that the Order of Malta. He always opposed the Masons. Paul I once made a bid for the Maltese, Hospice of the Order in Russia. But he tried to fight with Freemasonry in the country, and it's one of the reasons to assassinate him. The paradox is that in Freemasonry 33 degrees of initiation, and one of them — the Knights of Malta. Therefore, the whole feud with Maltese Masons, I think, an invention, a big misinformation. And this is done with only one aim: to raise their importance in the eyes of society to a higher level.

— It turns out that there is no alternative to them?

— What might be an alternative to the game? Man all his life a child.
Just as a child he plays hide and seek, as he grew up, begins to play, such as the Freemasons. Although I can say that within the Masons there is some inner brotherhood. I am in Israel, wanted to organize a children's film festival. But it did not work out. As a guest got a white table, talked to Freemasons and complained about their difficulties with the festival. Soon, I was told: "The Lodge has decided to help you," The situation has changed radically. It is no longer I went for someone, and all ran after me. Not only that! Without any record I had an audience directly to Sharon, who said: "We need help!" So Masons decide the case, for it is their way, and do not like. But, on the other hand, just as the secretary to resolve issues with the chairman of the executive committee. So the world, and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact, not Masons, Rosicrucians or communists ruling the world, and caste, as if they are called!

Author: Interview D.Savitsky
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism"

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