The Russian fleet — it all in the past?

The web site Classmates many groups of officers, in what is unchangeable discussion of sensitive issues. Here is what leads to a very sad conclusion:
"In the carriage BOD" Vice-Admiral Kulakov "while no officer has received a service apartment in Severomorsk. They said: "Wait." What? Those apartments, which should eventually release the discharged soldiers in store at. So all the "kulakovtsy" dwelling at the moment is removed. "
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Russian Navy - it's in the past?

What is happening with the Russian Navy? Where are the traditions established 250 years ago under Admiral Ushakov? The media strongly written many pieces on the state of the Navy. Typically, this article on the topic of the ship's fleets, the correlation of forces and means between the fleets. But let's at least make out briefly related the incident.

1. Footage. I remember a movie-film series-century ago, "In the area of special attention" and "Your Move." The patriotic component of these films was so great that guys mass-recruits were recorded in the Navy and the Navy. I remember the inscription made in one of the military schools on the ground of the protected object one more hour, "And sleep hunt — and the birthplace of pity!". It seems ingenuous inscription, but it says a lot. And it is thought (!) Of the motherland.

Nakhimov from the young people brought up in the best traditions. How Nakhimov was brilliant officers, many of them are holders of the most senior orders. More V.S.Pikul to own sea novels demonstrated the need to transmit maritime traditions by a rather long learning. It is unrealistic for two years to prepare class sailor. A young lieutenant, after studying for five years, receives only general concepts about the service. Most senior soldiers sailor knows more greenish lieutenant. Developed over long years of Navy training system to uchebki Academy was holed below the waterline and began to sink.

Another quote from the website Classmates. The question asks military officer's wife: "PROBLEM!! The spouse has to go to school and talk to classes 7-9, do you think that he should tell? He participated with the 1988 Fergana to Chechnya in 2007, (in all the hot points of the CIS), he worries that he can tell, that power does not hurt and the kids realized what a defender of the motherland. Your world? "

Objectively it is clear that life is very nearly everything has changed. Changed the relationship between the countries has changed technology, new materials, new technologies have changed people. The majority of young people are no longer the former spiritual awe at the sight of cleanliness Nakhimov. Means learning system must be adapted to the modified terms, but do not be a blind copy of the Western systems.

Russian Navy - it's in the past?

Rhetorical question: Is there a future for the Navy with the existing system of training professionals?

2. Lieutenants. Unusual miracle begins when, ottopav on the parade ground in the ranks of latter-day lieutenants, that celebrated at the prom, green lieutenant receives the documents and preparing for disembarkation in part. In the soul of a good feeling — waiting for a miracle. But all the wonders completed upon arrival to the place of service. The mind comes Repin's painting, "The Unexpected." As usual personnel people got it wrong, and a place in the crew had not yet been cleared. Ordered to expect. The hostel is not the first freshness. Evening walk in low places. Thus begins the test survival. Not all of the test stand.

Rhetorical question: Is there a future for the Navy in this entry of young professionals in the system?

3. The upcoming service. Imagine, it all came together, proparhalo time and not so long ago, a young lieutenant already grated Commander. Started a family. But even as the apartments would not. We are waiting. Came first child. The child grew up. The time has come to kindergarten, and there is no space. Spouse to work, so at least the ability of the profession does not lose. And where is it, this work? The town is small. Monetary allowance comes not always fit. But a lot of interest.

Where to serve? Most stocked fleet — North. August 15. Airport Murmansk. The plane flies NIGHT MODE. Low of -4. Snow breaks. But the sailors a lot of optimism. Highway Murmansk — St. Petersburg. In the area of Medvezegorsk repair highway and exit at roundabout road. The Congress a huge shield with the inscription: "Comrade! Believe me! No through traffic ". Well, that's out there for a particularly hard-nosed people. Polar. Through the lip of Severomorsk. It's cold. But you live. Rejoice even the smallest events in life. They love the sea! This is their satisfaction and sadness. It's their life! They have a little assist!

But no. None of the "higher" is not visited Vidjaevo a decade of "Kursk". "It sank," and all here. Learn more here:

Since January, the Northern Fleet went dismissal on OSHM. Write about it on the Web. And where are these officers to go? They write an appeal to the leaders of the country and have the Web. A certain Colonel Voronkov, a 36-year-old, also a doctor, doctor, officer Arbat neighborhood, in the same place at classmates enable such officers characteristic — a waste material. In connection with this situation, with the fleet left the mass of highly qualified officers from the 40-to 50-year-old. You can establish a violation of the continuity of naval tradition.

Rhetorical question: Is there a future for the Navy with an attitude of supreme power to the backbone of the fleet, to the most devoted service, Sea officers?

Russian Navy - it's in the past?

4. Changing tasks in theaters. Profound analysis of the challenges involved in various theater leading analysts in Command of the Navy and the General Staff. Although not involved. At the current time, most of these analysts actually left. We'll see shortly.

BSF. There is no sense open a discussion that an old structures unrealistic to solve new puzzles. Invent new structures and subordinate BSF Squaw! Now dispatches from Rostov-na-Donu manage operational BSF? According to analysts of the Black Sea Fleet loses the Turkish fleet. In this case, a multiple. Ships of old and completely heterogeneous. Just dosluzhivaet. And the constant negotiations with the Ukrainian side of Sevastopol. The loss of Sevastopol is equiva
lent to the loss of the fleet today.

Russian Navy - it's in the past?

BF. Part of the database has been lost due to the separation of the Baltic republics. Coupled with the established system of control is lost. To the chagrin and BF essentially loses NATO forces in the Baltic Sea.

Practical and BSF and BF at the present time can do combat functions in name only. The main objective in their purely representative — a demonstration of the flag.

SF. Here is the most efficient part of the Navy. Ships SF as required in the state to come to the aid of the Black Sea Fleet and the Baltic Fleet. But there was the problem of planned maintenance vehicles. Navy is unable to provide such repairs. And, due to this fact, we may be dropping out of the fleet of a number of ships, which will inevitably lead to the transformation of the SF in the flotilla.

PF. Here's an excerpt from the expressions of sailors at classmates: "In 2007, resting in the Primorsky Territory, has called on" New Pier "at Bay Abrek … and scared! It turns out that the surface fleet NO! It is worth a pile of scrap metal. Division rocket ships the locals call "Division metallic kaput." On the teachings able to get only one unit — a missile and bomb boat. But the admiral commanding the compound, with all due Staff entourage! ". And PF is almost gone. Formed some incomprehensible structure with a strange destiny — Kamchatka and Primorye group. And if the Black Sea Fleet, SF, BF can somehow keep the interaction, the tofu will assist just some!

In the oceanic zone is dominated by South American Navy. Since the U.S. has no inland seas, almost 95% of the Navy created for the oceanic zone. And what about the Russian Navy? Of surface ships only, "Peter the Great" and "Admiral Kuznetsov" travel through the world's oceans. And even without a tribute to escort and support! Why? Yes as sold!

Russian Navy - it's in the past?

Where was the "top" command, when the ships were sold for a hat crackers. Excerpt from the web:
Patrol ship "Vigilant" — 227.5 thousand bucks
Patrol ship "Strict" — 316.5 thousand bucks.

And the list goes on!

Perfectly clear, as selling aircraft carrier Minsk and Novorossiisk! That is indicative of history! Even the secret weapons are not removed.

Rhetorical question: Is there a future for the Navy if the state fleet will not adapt to the modern tasks of theater?

5. On the current state of the ship can be read here:

It is necessary to draw attention to a controversial point. This development is in the direction of increasing importance SSBNs (naval strategic nuclear forces). Indicative 2007, when about 70% of the funds allocated for the construction of new ships were sent to the tab 3 NS Series 955 and 955A. In this series of 955 underwater cruisers listed among the most expensive ships. But beware! The main problem is that the development of the naval strategic nuclear forces is not supported by the development of the system software. The forces that are needed to cover the cruisers in the sea, rapidly becoming obsolete, and new stocks to be seen.

In developing the strategy and the strategic use NSNF not address the need for systematic examination of all issues, including security. Lessons from the Falklands crisis of 1982 showed impressive ability of offensive forces, when they are used in combination. But the feeling is that these lessons and were not considered. And here's to 90's on all orders readings in parts certainly read all the orders, or those considering other situations, and certainly in the writ of staged learning tasks arising from the experience.

There is another severe problem — a small ratio of operational stress. As a result, very expensive cruiser becomes a vulnerable target for the enemy, being parked in the database. Well, not in the current state of the Navy to provide a longer presence on the database. By the way KOH in Soviet times was not very high.

By investing heavily in the development of naval strategic nuclear forces, the developers of military doctrine is almost considered the only one with the least possible scenario of military conflict — a general nuclear war. Meanwhile, an unlimited number of tasks in peacetime and wartime, should be addressed general-purpose non-nuclear forces. That task is only to ensure international security in the Gulf of Aden. A protection of territorial waters, the coast of, role in counterterrorism operations. Here require very different capabilities.

Unfortunately, the management of DoD produces quite paranormal from the standpoint of logic, act. How old is to exaggerate the issue of the transfer of the Navy High Command in St. Petersburg. The group distinguished admirals had to write an open letter to the question of the need of translation itself. Transfer price has been estimated at 40 — 50 billion. rubles. Thus the price of the ship stern series is about 2 billion. rubles. In the conditions of the ship's lack of a question: "And some general proschityval program from the translation?". Subsequent news was the ability to rename the Command of the Department! Can the Department will manage an effective manager?

Russian Navy - it's in the past?

Rhetorical question: What is the future of the Navy, if not developed a general introduction of the concept of forces and means of the Navy, with the following placement of orders for the construction of ships of the respective classes?

6. The state of the shipbuilding industry. By bolshennomu Unfortunately, with the collapse of the Soviet Union about 40% of the shipbuilding industry remains in the CIS countries. Cooperative ties have been broken, and very nearly everything had to be created anew. This has left a very severe bad mark on the whole industry. According to witnesses, a very thinned the ranks of the leading designers in the Rubin Design Bureau. A lot of space just leased. Under-funding does not allow the rhythmic work in the shipyards plants. As a result, the stocks are stuck on long years running projects.

In particular, the huge problems is the lack of ability to transmit the traditions of working professions. There is a tremendous shortage of young people. This is especially true of working-machine operators. On high-precision machine tools working age workers. And who will come to replace them completely incomprehensible.

Rhetorical question: Is there a future for the Navy if the shipbuilding industry will continue to remain in its current state?

: The future of the Russian Navy, with all the existing difficulties can be fully. In the stories have already been examples of the revival of the fleet. You only need the desire for power, the political will to resolve all rhetorical questions. And the people who love the sea, desperately loyal maritime employment in Russia was, is and will be!

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