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2014: end of the world according to the prophecy of Malachi Bishop

Interesting prediction that 2014 will be a year of doom, there is in the Vatican archives. This prophecy was once published (late 16th century), as by the time the person who wrote it was canonized. We are talking about Bishop Irish cities Armagh and Cashel — Malachi O'Morgere. His testimony of doom, who will be in our day, was created in the 12th century, at the time of his journey to Rome on church business, and contains a lot of interesting information.

In 1139, Malachi survived a terrible vision of the future of the Roman Catholic Church and of humanity as a whole. According to what they see, the end of the world will come after the rise to the throne last 112 pontiff with the writing of the prophecy. Specific predictions about Malachi years, nay years — centuries, there were disputes. However, Bishop described the many great pontiff, who ascended to the papal throne from the 12th century to the present day. Counterfeits can not be, because only the text of the prophecy, since its first publication in 1595, was not modified. Benedictine Arnold de Vion, actually published a prediction, and called it "The Prophecy of the Roman Popes."

We, having on hand a copy of the ancient prophecy and the biographies of the Popes from the middle of the 19th century, we can evaluate the accuracy of the description of the last 11-pontiffs, that'll do.

101st (list Malachi) Pope Pius IX (and 257 th of the Established Church) occupied the papal throne from 1846 to 1878. His visionary prophet named «Crux de Cruce»? which means "crosswise" or "two of the cross." This pontiff actually bore the burden of two crosses, one given to it — the cross church management, and the second is that as a result of the Italian national liberation movement of the Risorgimento ownership of the Catholic Church fell to the hill of Monte Vatican and the Pope Pius IX actually became a prisoner in his own chamber, which was unable to leave until his death.

Next, 102 th on the list of Malachi, the pope — Leo XIII (1878-1903) called the prophet Lumen in caelo, which translates as "the light in the sky" or "heavenly light." Indeed this pontiff, in a rather troubled times for the Church and for Italy as a whole, was the "celestial light" and became famous as a very strong theologian. In addition, the family coat of arms of Leo XIII showed a comet.

Malachi next pontiff called Ignis ardens — «sacred fire." It was the Pius X (1903-1914), who during his lifetime was honored as a saint.
In 1914, Pope Benedict went XV, which calls Malachi's prophecy in his Religio depopulate, which means "a destroying religion." Pontiff remained on the throne until 1922 and witnessed the destruction of the Christian Church — Orthodox.

Pontiff Pius XI (1922-1939) was described as Malachi Fides intrepid, ie "Defender of the faith." This pope has reached a lot of the Roman Catholic Church. It has made the Vatican giving independent state status. In addition, Pius XI severely criticized the Bolsheviks and sent them a message condemning the persecution of the content of the Orthodox Church, as well as encouraged to change their mind and stop lawlessness. The pontiff has repeatedly offered to buy Orthodox shrines, the Bolsheviks confiscated from the Orthodox Church to help the starving peasants that would keep the back and when the church will be restored. Unfortunately, all attempts to protect Pius XI Orthodox faith were in vain, the Bolsheviks completely ignored the request and the message of the Pope.

Pius XII (1939-1958) was a very mystical father, who himself made many prophecies through visions. Malachi in their descriptions of the future call him Pastor angelicus, which translates as "shepherd of the angels" or "angelic shepherd". This pontiff fully justified its description received by Bishop Malachi.

Took the throne after John XXIII (1958-1962), characterized as Malachi Pastor et nauta, which means "shepherd and sailor." Ideystvitelno, the 107th Pope before his election to the Holy See was an honorary pilot port of Venice, as well as its cardinal.

Next on the lord's throne Paul VI (1963-1978), named Malachi Flos florum, in translation — "flower of flowers." Apart from the fact that the Pope was very nice, charming and loved lush gardens, on the arms of the Pope were depicted three lilies.

109th on the list of Malachi, Pope John Paul I, who ascended the throne in 1978, obtained a description of De medietate Lunae, which means "half moon." What is interesting dad, he spent more than a month.

Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) was described in the prophecy as De labore Solis, which means "the labor of the sun" or "works as the sun." As you know, a Pole by birth Karol Wojtyla was born on the day of the solar eclipse May 18, 1920, just such a solar eclipse occurs on the day of his funeral. In addition, John Paul II traveled a lot and perhaps Malachi had in mind the fact that the Pope, like the sun, will pass their sacred light all over the world. However, most likely, both interpretations are relevant to the John Paul II.

Today, the 111th in the prophecy of Malachi Pope — Benedict XVI, named Gloria olivae — «thank Olivier". Description while not exactly deciphered, we can say that the Pope has not yet lived up to it, but in any event before the end of the world in 2014, we need to learn what it means to say that description is difficult. According to ancient legend, the first olive tree to worship the baby Jesus after his birth, imnno since the olive branch is a symbol of peace. Perhaps Benedict XVI appeals for peace in a world in which whole countries are collapsing in the Middle East, will be heard and the pontiff will play an important role in reconciliation between people?

Next prophecy of Malachi is getting more exciting. First, the last on his list of the 112th pope named Petrus Romanus, which means "Peter of Rome." Malachi also describes his last pope to age people, and even in his prophecy mentioned number — 2014. It is from this number and the last 112 meters Pope linked predictions last part, which describes the time of the 112th pope, as a period of "many disasters, the City of the Seven Hills will be destroyed, and the monstrous Judge will judge the people."

Judging by the age of the current Pope Benedict XVI, we are able to verify the truth of a prophecy of Malachi Bishop, the more we learn whether the end of the world will be in 2014 and this number means something else.

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