Brutal realist. Fatal blow to the hamsters (highly recommend)

In runet sometimes among the mountains of garbage can stumble upon a hefty momentik curious, I would say — by a sort of gold nuggets in tons of crap. For example, comments to articles on websites and some Pirmanova Albert, who calls himself a "brutal realist", and most of the other comments "stupid hamster."

I do not know who this person is and how he knows these tidbits, but the reality of the political picture he paints a convincing, despite the fact that his comments are written bad internet language and often obviously in a hurry. Mention here only the most interesting of his statements (some edited by me), which sometimes are piles of the most highbrow sentences would-be analysts.


AP"Just looking Chubais go, the last clown — his business. Chubais, Voloshin and family — the last attack. Operations: (State Department) truncated realized when "Bear" sent Kudrin and Putin. Putin has picked his nose and said, "I can not go against a superior officer — I'm afraid Alex, but we Stobo remain friends." Alex and the Federal Reserve and went there for … nd. Just so bloody gebnya could nail down: Cowboy word, but gave, we must keep the word. Immediately Central Bank published the ruble to 3 trillion rubles without being tied to the dollar. Throw off the shackles of the past, politicians and Gorby "Ponimaeshli."

RM: Here, those on. Where information? I found her in runet failed. Of course, you can lose everything in a fantasy Alberta Pirmanova. But it is better to think about the fact that not all (or rather — its an absolute minimum) important information becomes widely known. This explains the sense of understatement that sometimes people feel the power of speech.
Especially as the same after a while Albert explains that the sentence: "Look at the website of the central bank, and where the money came on the exchanges on the redemption of shares. From the air they do not happen. "

AP"Hamsters. Proshtudiruyte State Statistics Committee, it is all there. You can clearly see all the indicators. Only in 2000, all gundyavaya mucus screamed country can not feed itself. All ate amputated limbs Bush. Now, thanks to the hero-lord Onishchenko, Russia bacilli and viruses producers in Russia require gebnyavogo KAA-Putin to stop the import of chicken, its "ponimaeshli" next year has nowhere to go. Lisowski work out — box from under the copier, for the election of the biggest Democratic Russia — Yeltsin. Arabs will float. The country has built more than a hundred pig farms. In one of the Belgorod region of 2 million tons of pork, self-sufficient given 3-4 years. Arabs are scum and refuse to take Moishe pork — not kosher, they say. In the Bryansk region livestock farms. Near downhole systems for 800 thousand. From downhole systems go, hides, bones, etc., all this must be recycled. The same applies to pig-breeding complex. All of this is based on the program adopted 8 years ago, the program had to be adjusted occasionally, too fast, you bastards do. Sunflower oil has long been sent for export, too, the bastards were dispersed, not stop it.
But the most important thing is the grain. Repeat once for the hamster-slugs. GRAIN. Money allocated to increase the production of wheat only to 150 million tons a year. This reclamation, selection, and a lot else. Country for food — for the food-industry — should be 37 million tons of grain. Now the rest is exported. Hello, Khrushchev and his uncle SiO. The purpose of grain — to ensure livestock are 100% their needs and still fry, 100% for export of meat. The ultimate goal — to reduce the export of grain, and to increase the export of meat. Myasko expensive everywhere. And so bloody KAA-Putin plans to make the grain OPEC, and in fact do so, screw the Ukrainians, left a bit to wait, Ukrainians because they are European — foreigners will help us.
The ultimate goal in gebnyavogo KAA-Putin — to build a nuclear-energy empire, a space and aviation empire, the military-industrial empire, transport empire, FOOD EMPIRE, separate from food empire WATER EMPIRE, EMPIRE timber industry, the pharmaceutical empire. Let the others planed shorts, Mercedes, plasma, shoes, everything. "

RM: Sigh? Let's move on. In my opinion, after this explain anything unnecessarily.

AP"Putin must see and count up to 50 years — is the scale of the country. Unlike you, stupid hamsters. When the Soviet Union collapsed, all shouting: We do not need an army, space we do not need nuclear power plants are not needed, etc. We need a sausage, briefs, chewing gum. So how to explain the stupid peasants (smart it does not apply) that the army with the military-industrial complex and the cosmos is the highest technology, the above does not exist. At 2000m, the Americans were doing the research and then reported to Congress: Russian left at 5 to 7 percent of the capacity of the Soviet military-industrial complex. And last year, has already figured out that Russia practically regained its capacity to MIC. Bloody KAA-Putin all the money that went to the army, threw the repair of submarines and bought the TU-160 in schiryh Ukrainians — also repaired and put new cruise missiles, they fly ooochchchen far — farther than many people think. Bloody KAA-Putin sent money to Sarov and more koy-kuda, new missiles are now gone, and most importantly filling in them. All or almost all towns strategists renovated. Of course, everyone else sat on inleakage, and now came the turn of the Navy and the Army in general. At first nothing happens. This is called the planning horizon, the hamster burrows on the … I do not see it.
For Russia in 2004 began to prepare Mishiko — Shevardnadze was not stupid, and all anticipated. By the way, get the reflection of the ushlepka as recently as a week ago, it turns out, he thinks that it is not dependent on Russia to Europe, and now Europe will depend on Russia, and Russia joins the European Union. Too stupid hamster, anyone smarter, have realized that will Eurasian Union. You can call whatever you like, but in fact it is the Russian Empire.
Mishiko and distracted from the army. Like all praise Mishiko and most efficient army in Eastern Europe. The great military analysts such Felgengau (language will break) said that the Georgian army will be in Moscow next week fights, and the entire Caucasus will take 2 days, and then go on the shoulders RUSSIAN way to Moscow. After all, his army of trained Grand Army USA, 1200 Super reydzherov, and another 400 Moishe. Moishe as always for 2 weeks before piled up, expect, it's all over. But the USA, decided to try to play the Indians.
Then came a long time Condoleezza their bargain — Hawkeye. Once picked up, and all the howling stopped the bloody gebnya — one and a half months. How to cut — howling stopped. On 9 and 10 August Gondoliza many many times called and threatened, and then begged and threatened again. Bells were more than 20 times in one day. Required to remove the environment-sac, where they spread like suckers and lured KAA-Putin. For kartvelov worried, I guess. Mishiko dosih wakes up in a sweat from nightmares, because he knows KAA-Putin or LILIPUTIN as he calls it, or just Little Johnny, if I said, it still does. Gebnya terrible and can not wait to plan for decades. Tea, sir. "

RM: Again, I'm not clear where the information is, but if we assume that it is true, then the situation appears very curious. I recall that Sarov — a former Arzamas-16. And if the new cruise missiles fly "farther than many people think," this is seriously changing the current situation in many local conflicts and the promotion of the American missile defense system in the direction of our borders. Quite logically sound and the idea that Putin at f
irst rapidly restoring the country's nuclear deterrent, and then took up the rest of the army. But the show is the power of the people, of course, can not. Can not yet.
Condoleezza Rice about the general beauty. And if "more than 20 bells per day" is really like a bit of an exaggeration, something about "six weeks" and "how to cut — howling stopped," confirmed one hundred percent. Lift the news archives and you'll see that after about this amount of time howl of the West actually stopped, and our government somehow quietly hushed up the facts about the involvement of specific American warriors in 080808.
And, of course, draws attention infa on the participation of Israel in preparation for an attack on Tskhinvali.

AP"Anyone can count the debt amerikosov. Debt is not only the state but also of all households, local hamsters, industrialists, and there are still financial and stock virtuosos, top magicians. It does not require supercomputers. GDP is 20% of the state of the world, slyly exaggerated, it is much smaller, with consumption of about 40% of the GDP of the world's production. Debts that they have, it is impossible to give. 15 trillion — it's a penny, all other listed give the increase is ten times more debt. If all the natural resources on earth to assess people to count and measure each ant even appreciate — and still it is not enough to pay their debts. Everyone wanted to take a walk — who now they say that the diet should be 500 years old, the one who says it will be broken.
To do this, States should throw the whole world. Because all of the major "boys" and are going to shodnyak from 20 families, conduct conversations with the keeper obschaka: "Where is the money?". Big boy says money is now in fact, on the arrival of all give, MOMMY I swear. Throw only one way — to make a big nix. Open era, centenarians and the Thirty Years War. To do this, they spend the last hard, rocking the entire Middle East and Africa, there is great world wars was not there, the people want justice and blood. If they all burn out and everything flared up, all the oil that was in Europe, India, China, Japan and other countries, is burned in a meat grinder. Iran is a Shiite Iraq war with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni. Israel brings ammunition to all the sly. As soon as a whiff of fried, all hamsters of all countries will suffer the money in the "most reliable currency of the world," the economy will collapse all at once.
Americans will gather in their coffers, but this is not enough, debts are many times more. States will have to close the money for yourself and start at hyperinflation. While the rest of the world will fight and peck each other, burn-States will publish its debts. They have prices in dollars will rise and fall everywhere, dollars will not be for others. All dollars are not kosher zahomyachennye announce it will be simple wrappers, as well as now. After a certain period of time everyone will be giving away a new dollar, a new "Marshall Plan", interest at 25%, as is always the most reliable in the world, now it is given at almost 0%. "

RM: Here, I added a try and rekindle the war (even local) in Russia (Caucasus), China (Uighurs), India (and Pakistan), Turkey (Kurds), in continental Europe (the Balkans are the same).
As for the future plan of the "reset" dollar liberal fascist system, then such a clear and tezisno description, I have not seen even the Adventurer. Bravo, Albert Pirmanov! Since hamsters are able to talk to you.
Besides, this is the rare case when the cruel realist is identical to agree with the naive person, ready to correct map of the sky.

And yet the end.

AP: The most massive stuffing were for the Communist Party, and CP, and the howl raised these same gnomes. Serge muskrat: Biden invited him to become prime minister in March, and he thought this was his chance, he thought, and sold for 30 shekels. Sold out and Edra, commies are always sold by Lenin and Trotsky, the Rockefeller-Rothschild. But gebnyavy Putin broke the game with all of the Popular Front and the direct support of the people. In May, Putin wanted to throw, but the policy — it is chess, tactics and strategy. = Putin knows what kind of shit all the MPs from the main communist Zyuganov to-peddler with Chopyk Gudkov, krysheval, and so far, bandyuganov with Druganov Nemtsov and other hrenota. = And the rest were playing pool — chasing balls, and then only in his pants.
When not burned to a peaceful revolution, went shekels in elections and electoral commission. This was the case in 2003: Hodor bought the Communist Party, or rather my uncle Zu, the votes in the Duma. At torch intellectuals "Apple" nadgryzennogo seized $ 300 million — and have not been stubs. A lot was purchased and the members of Edra. Hodor wanted half of the parliament, well, that did not work. Gebnyavy prevented. It is 8 years ago. The first time is not a ride, go for a second time.
Every day hamsters from all the cracks taught that life has become unbearable, all stolen, nothing. Blunt hamsters hard to take the State Statistics Committee data and trace data, as all stolen. Dumb farmer Zu says all destroyed and have not built a single plant. In the USSR bought tube for oil and gas pipelines in Germany and Japan. Now Russia 3 factories of large diameter pipes — all 14 of them in the world, built them not so much for the pipes for the MIC. Sheet for the machines, so much any more. Just do it on the sly. The country is preparing for war. According to experts, at present Russia has the world's best-ferrous metallurgy. Should look to the docks, and not listening to fairy tales. THERE GOSCOMSTAT-everything is written. Now for the hamsters will choose a sacrificial lamb — Bulk — overwhelm and raise squeal. One such was a ram with Ukrainians — Gongadze, too, thought the star.

RM: Thank you, brutal realist. You really very cruel. Too fierce. This is a fatal blow to the hamsters.

UPD. Do not restrain myself and I will give one more quotation Pirmanova — about Ukraine, the Baltic states, "Nord Stream" and Stalin. I repeat — it could be called a crazy fan of Putin's fantasies, if not an abundance of amazing facts that are very hard to come up with if you do not possess specific data.

AP"Putin has consistently tilts all the neighbors, friends and relatives, the last example — Hohlyandii. Janak wept money sorry — we do not have them, but Putin did not wait for the proud, meaning "fruit" can still hang suspended over me … a. The following year, Khokhlov should be given about $ 38 billion, no one will give them money, won European Union asked the Bear 20 billion euros, he sent them, and even said, learn how to behave properly in society.
Now Kaliningrad build a nuclear power plant, it will "cover" with — like — Batkinoy all Baltic nuclear power plant. Lithuania a nuclear power plant has successfully buried, though they were dreams together to build a new Baltic front, but it's all a dream to hang himself was sentenced to be burned. They take energy from Russia will only go to the sites of Lithuania, ask around about the cost of heating. All these years, Putin personally supervised the construction of the BPS-1 and BPS-2, put the recharge from the Old Man and his refinery — he drove all in Europe and se … l whole raspberries Russia.
By the same stroke BTSom removed refinery Mazhekyaya — former estate of Yukos, which blocked all obschecheloveki, sold amerikosov and Putin took and announced: rusted pipes can damage the environment and shut down "Friendship." Mazhekyay sold pshekam they thought they annoy the bloody Pu pshekam then had to sell the plant again, but with a loss of 600 ml of dollars. Oil is now Mazhekyay began to carry tankers from Ust-Luga and our other po
rts in the Baltic. All ports are rebuilt, their throughput is several times greater than it was even in the Soviet Union to the entire Baltic Sea, but also build a lot.
Now Baltic sits traffic and energy, all connected to each other. All the problems of shipment of oil pipelines and traffic still being resolved. Yet Putin has introduced export duties on unprocessed timber and immediately got all the little factory in the Baltic States, and in Finke got half mill, the whole shelupon not give good hold to the "Nord Stream" through their territorial waters. Putin could hit a half years for dates and each time raised the export duty on pieces of wood, that's when Finikov calculated that they all fall, then came Tarja Holons 10 times with Putin and cracked his deal. Dates give the nod to the gasket "Nord Stream", and Putin suspends increase in duties on a piece of wood, and even Dates will be built in the Russian pulp and paper mill. Americans and Swedes, along with the progressive community, branded dates, for betraying the interests of their younger brothers.
Politics, it is difficult, it is chess, it is necessary to see and foresee a long way, but not every chess player (Kasparov) can be a politician strategist. Stalin's methods are good of course, that's just not enough people. Stalin was just a little blood on his hands has, since 1918, all positions in the army and KGB seized the main Jewish revolutionaries. From '18 to all Russian shooting and they were doing. VI Lenin was working out of his English (true) owners, and fellow of the American Trotsky. Executions prepodovatelskogo professors and staff, then the officers, then the nobles, then the priests and other clergy — 1.5 million. Then many who were shot. Rastrelnye three were mostly Jews from the concentration camps and the heads too. Only in '37 Uncle Joe was able to make the return line to this effort was not enough. Politics is a long time, you need to see even beyond the horizon, to prepare the situation, to bring this enemy and make him understand that it's all just been a dead end. "

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