Dozens of dead birds found in Beijing

In the Beijing area, for unknown reasons, killing dozens of birdsIn Chaoyang district of the Chinese capital were cases of mass death of wild ducks, magpies, crows and other birds. Experts suggest that the death of birds came from lack of food and cold, but just can not prove it.

As reported by the publication "Jinhua Shibao," in a week, local villagers along the river Shatszyin discovered dozens of dead birds.

January 19 specialists of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of animals reported in a study dead birds can only say that they did not die from bird flu and not by poisoning. Their stomachs had no food, but only small stones. Experts suggest that as a result of the cold and lack of food weaker birds died.

Against the background of the numerous cases of mass death of birds and animals that have occurred in recent years in different countries, this is the second such case in China. Recently, Jinan City, Shandong Province were found several hundred dead forty. The cause of death as yet unknown.

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