Elder prophecy Philothea

Abbot Filofei nekanonizirovannyh is one of the saints, but this does not detract from its sanctity and truth of the prophecies. Abbot Filofei since a very young age, he traveled and visited many towns and villages in Italy, Poland, Germany, the end point of his trip was Mount Athos. There, on the Holy Mountain, he spent 30 years in a long prayer, and then returned back to Russia. This happened during the reign of Metropolitan Zosima (1490-1494 years). In Russia Filofei openly opposed the "Judaizers heretics", for which he paid with his freedom — his chained and kept in Sarskaya monastery.

Some time later, when he was exposed by the Metropolitan-heresiarch, Filofei not only been released from prison, and became the abbot of the same monastery, which previously was a prisoner. It was under his leadership Sarskaya monastery became one of the major centers, where translations of the founding fathers of the church from the Greek. In the same period in the monastery opened icon workshop, with icons in it were written in accordance with the ancient tradition — with prayers, and not on "Italian style."

Elder prophecy Philothea

His revelation was abbot Filofei day of the Exaltation of the Cross. As told, the Prophet, the revelation came to him while he was resting, sitting on the bench, after the liturgy, he felt the breath of the Lord, and then to the old man discovered the true nature of things. Received revelation he shared with all who would listen and listen and wrote it down for future generations. In 1994, this revelation was first published.

At the moment it is unknown whether he was predicting Philothea 2012 or any other period. The very old man does not have a specific date, explaining that at the time of revelation for a century have been moments.

According to the predictions for the future Philothea, a boy on the ground, which will have a brilliant mind and many other talents, but hurt as a child, leading to his desire to take revenge bitterness over the world. For his revenge this person concludes a contract with the devil, to rebel against the Lord. With his oratory that person will attract to its side a lot of people, promising to give them all the promised Christ has in this life. In addition, this will allow the Antichrist to his followers to break all the commandments, the main thing that they had been violated in the name of it, then the crime would be considered a feat that should be rewarded.

Under the banner of this man will stand one hundred nations and tribes, that will produce a revolution and instead of King, who was killed during the uprising, to the throne of the devil-man rises. After that, all over the place will build temples and idols, and he will be worshiped as a god of earth. At the same time start the persecution of Christians, which had not happened, will be destroyed churches, and for the Christian faith will kill all of its followers. Then comes the period of famine and desolation. Few Christians can survive in deserts and mountains, through their prayers, the human kingdom of the devil is destroyed, and all by itself.

After the collapse of the kingdom for a period of time will come peace on earth. But then the old man prophesied Filofei more terrible period of history, as the Antichrist will not tempt people, and the devil himself. He teaches people to fly through the air and fall to the ocean depths, give incredible power. He inspired all of humanity thought that their knowledge and skills they will be able to gain immortality. The persecution of the Christians in this period will not do, will scoff at them and the true believers remain quite a bit.

People who believe in its power at the expense of science and technology unwittingly become her hostage and will maintain a senseless and stupid life. Over this same satanic orgy, when out of the ground caused by the fires of hell burn up all living things. But there will be a new heaven and there will be a new world — the Kingdom of God, which will be accessible only to the elite.

These are the predictions for the future Philothea. Reading them, necessarily compare with known historical events. Much of the testimony Philothea somehow reminds events associated with the formation of the Soviet Union, when he was shot by the kingdoms of the Romanov family, when they were unheard of persecution of Christians, when the leaders of the people erected monuments and worshiped as the earthly god. And after the Soviet Union collapsed on its own without the war and the revolution. There are analogies with the present — people really believe in their power and are already developing drugs daruyuschih immortality, and Christianity is seen with a grin as his associates.

Biographical information on Philothea extremely scarce, it is known that he lived in the first half of the XVI century. and a monk of Pskov Eleazar Monastery (see Goldberg, AL, RP Dmitrieva Filofei / / Dictionary scribes and literature of ancient Russia. L., 1989. Vol. 2. Part 2. pp. 471-473) . For the first time his name has attracted the attention of Russian social thought after in the magazine "Orthodox interlocutor" in 1861-1863 years. published his works. The procedure in which the concept of "Moscow — the Third Rome" was one of the central issues in Russian journalism and philosophy of history afterwards.

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