Element again caused damage in Eastern Georgia

Element again caused damage in Eastern Georgia

TBILISI, June 24 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. Strong wind and hail destroyed the day before most of the crops and broke the power lines in the villages of the Lagodekhi district (Kakheti region), said on Friday Kakheti Information Center.

According to the center, hail began at ten o'clock in the evening and lasted for an hour.

Eleven villages affected by the disaster has been destroyed by 40% to 100% of the crop, according to Information Center of Kakheti.

Local authorities calculate the damage area.

Rain fell this spring have caused significant damage regions of Georgia.

Descended from the mountains of landslides and debris flows caused by heavy rain last week was blocked Rikotsky Pass, which connects the eastern and western parts of Georgia. Because of the rain out of the banks of the river Mtiskhevi. The spilled water demolished one of the roadside restaurants in the area Rikotskogo tunnel, which killed four people stationed there. Body is found two days later.

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