First snow in Belgium led to congestion in the 347 km long

Snowfall that hit Belgium on Monday, broke the rhythm of traffic in the country and led to the formation of traffic jams, the total length was 347 kilometers, local media reported.

Adverse situation with the movement has developed, mainly on the ring road around Brussels, the velocity at which no more than 10-20 miles per hour. Morning because for the first time this year, dropped in snow traffic on the streets of the Belgian capital was also very difficult. At the entrance to Brussels and in his "sleeping" areas formed numerous jams.

According to meteorologists, the thickness of the snow cover is 5 centimeters. City services while coping with the fallen snow, snow, waiting for Brussels was harvested several hundred tons of salt. Meanwhile, the police reported numerous small accidents.

Residents of homes have their own individual buildings cleared of snow sidewalks next to their houses. By law, in the event of a pedestrian and the receipt of the injury in the immediate vicinity of a private home, the responsibility lies with its owners or tenants.

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