Grodno prosecutors warned Andrew Pochobut

Warning journalist daslana10 of March. Grodno prosecutors warn journalist for his work on the Polish «Gazetu Wyborczu» without accreditation.

The warning states that the accreditation of Andrzej Poczobut at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus has ended February 24 2009e and was not renewed, and on the website of the publication to still under his name published materials that cover the events in Belarus.

Prosecutor Victor Morozov Andrei Poczobut reminds that under Belarusian law, professional activities of foreign journalists without accreditation is prohibited.

Andrew Pochobut, however, told us that the prosecutor's office and the Foreign Ministry of Belarus violate his constitutional right to collect and disseminate information, but because it is not going to stop his journalistic activities.

Journalist «Gazety Wyborczej», a resident of Grodno Andrzej Poczobut, was arrested for being in the square in Minsk on December 19. The court chastised his imprisonment for 15 days.


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