In China, the cadmium poisoning the river killed dozens of tons of fish

In southern China for security authorities of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous banned fishing in rivers contaminated with cadmium Lyutszyan, according to Chinese media.

The ban on fishing and sale of fish introduced also in Hechi City, which is located along a tributary of the Lyutszyan, located above the infected area.

Longjiang River suffered severe pollution in the middle of January. Previously, official Chinese media have reported that the levels of cadmium in the water exceeds the norm by 2-9 times. But after the mass death of fish in the pond, according to preliminary estimates, more than 40 tons, the authorities announced that the content in the Longjiang River heavy metal cadmium exceeds the permitted limit 80 times.

On the source of contamination is still unknown. According to unconfirmed reports, the leaders of the seven detained along the river chemical and mining companies.

Contamination of the Longjiang biggest danger for residents of counties and Lyutszyan Lyuchen subordinate city Liuzhou and below the source of contamination. There are more than 4 million people.

According to local media, cadmium slick spread to 100 km. On the sum of damage to local fishermen, as well as tentative dates of lifting the ban on fishing is not reported. Authorities have assured the representatives of fisheries, that their businesses will be paid compensation from those responsible for the budgets of river pollution enterprises.

According to experts, the river has got about 20 tons of cadmium.


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