In East Lake finds unknown life form

Lake Vostok, Antarctica

In East Lake, which is located in Antarctica discovered an unknown life form. The analysis of samples obtained as early as 2012, the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics, met the expectations of scientists.

The study of water samples obtained in May 2012 from the Antarctic Lake Vostok, showed that live bacteria in it that can not be attributed to any known subkingdoms bacteria, said of the Laboratory of Genetics eukaryotes Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Sergey Bulat.

"A week ago, was actually completed last analysis (there will be another, but the results are unlikely to change anything.) After exclusion of all known contaminants (foreign organisms) … DNA was detected bacterium that did not coincide with any of the known species in the world's databases. We call this non-identifiable and ungraded life. To attribute it to some kind of bacteria known subkingdoms failed, "- said Bulat.

He explained that the researchers examined samples of water, frozen at the bit after penetration into the lake. In May "Akademik Fedorov" svezhezamerzshey take samples of lake water, a study which will allow researchers to test their findings,



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