In Italy, the 9 victims of disaster

Element in Italy.  Photo EPAThe number of victims of bad weather that struck the northern and central regions of Italy, according to official estimates, 9 people. National Service of Civil Protection reported that today the Navy divers caught in the sea off the coast of La Spezia body 40-year-old volunteer rescue Sandro Ouzai. He is listed among the missing, which still has five names.

Pope Benedict XVI in a Sunday sermon expressed sympathy "to all the residents of Italy and Thailand," the victims of the floods.

Italy gradually "healing the wounds" — are working to clear roads of debris, repair bridges, power lines. In Liguria and neighboring Tuscany, along with rescuers and volunteers helping to restore the affected area of about 500 soldiers. In the works involved 80 units of ground vehicles and 4 helicopters. Thousands of families have been evacuated from homes in some areas affected by the disaster is not yet fully restored electricity, communication breakdown, the supply of water and gas.

The ground floors of houses in the commune Monterosso al Mare, a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List, were beneath the mud by mud flows. Leaders of the municipality were quick to say that Monterosso no longer exists. However, military units and volunteers still trying to save the ancient city. Today there was requiem mass in memory of the victims. Another medieval village Cinque Terre almost obliterated by mudflows and landslides, according to Mayor of the locality.

The Council of Ministers of Italy declared a state of emergency in areas of Liguria and Tuscany in the aftermath of the disaster, and $ 65 million in extraordinary work to restore objects.

Meanwhile, two prosecutors (in the provinces of Massa Carrara and La Spezia) to initiate an investigation for "the deliberate killing and catastrophe", the newspaper "Repubblica". Investigators suspect were supporters of environmental protection and management of the park Montemarcello Magra, which in recent years prevented cleaning riverbeds. In Spices, local authorities charged that help people and rescue work started late.

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