In the United States fell from the sky mysterious cylinders

A strange incident happened in the United States on the first day of winter. Arriving in the morning on Thursday at work, employees furniture warehouse in Plymouth (Massachusetts) found on the floor in the room three metal cylinder. They did not understand what it is, but when he saw the huge hole in the roof, we decided to report the find to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), reports CBC Boston.

FAA employees and the police immediately arrived at the scene. The fact that the cylinder fell from the sky, no doubt, no one cause. First, experts reported that it fallen off the plane, but later this assumption is rejected for reasons undisclosed.

According to another version, the metal pieces could fall from space. Although usually debris does not reach the Earth, burning up in the atmosphere.

"We do not know what it is. At the moment we can only speculate. To break through the roof, these items were supposed to fly at great speed, "- said police Capt. John Rogers. FAA confiscated items to carry out the necessary tests to find out their origin.

Note that the burst of posts about the discovery of strange metallic object was observed after the fall of the American satellite NASA. For example, in Argentina, near Buenos Aires, according to witnesses, the sky fell on the house, "a ball of fire." Referring to the roof, unknown object exploded. As a result of the accident, one person died and six were wounded. The blast destroyed two houses, an office and a few cars.

A few days later another hot metal fragments in his backyard discovered Georgian family. Remembering the news reports on the fall of the satellite NASA, they carefully put together the pieces and handed them over to the regional observatory of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Georgia.


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