Life after death

Life after death — have found evidence

Life after death found evidenceThe eternal question humanity — is there life after death? — Seems to be answered. And the answer is yes. Scientists said the proof of the theory that each person there is a soul that continues to live even after the heart stops beating, according to Radar Online. One of the authors of the study anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff disclosed details of the opening in the "Through the tunnel in space," as shown in one of the science channels.

According to the report, the human soul is something more fundamental than normal neurons. "I think that consciousness, or its predecessor, has always existed in the universe, perhaps, from the time of the Big Bang" — said the professor.

According to him, when the heart stops beating, the information stored in the brain, does not die, but continues to "flow in the Universe." This explains the fact that people who have experienced clinical death often speak of "white light" or "tunnel", which they allegedly beheld.

"When the heart stops beating and blood stops flowing through the vessels, microtubules lose their quantum state. However, the quantum information that they are not destroyed. It can not be destroyed, and therefore spreads scattered throughout the universe. If the patient was in intensive care survives, he talks about the "white light" can not even see how he "comes out" of the body. If you die, the quantum information is uncertain, there is a body. She is the soul, "- explained the scientist.

Earlier, his colleague — neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, 15 years old exhaust at Harvard, described his journey to the afterlife. He called his book "Proof of Heaven". In it the doctor told me that when he went into a coma due to bacterial meningitis, it is in heaven, soaring through the clouds and butterflies flying around and being "like angels."

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