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What about our local, Russian prophets? They were also. Among them are famous for their predictions Basil Nemchinov (of whom I shall speak later), Abel, Seraphim of Sarov, John of Kronstadt, Daniel Andreev … What did they say about the future time? Monk Abel, who lived XVIII — XIX centuries, predicted the exact date of the death of Catherine II. Paul I, who became afterwards the Emperor of Russia, called Abel and learned from him the date of his death through strangulation hands closest courtiers, and the burning of Moscow in 1812, after its capture by the French.

After that I have commanded Paul Abel write in a notebook all the prophecies about the future of Russia and its future rulers for many years to come. Then put the notebook in an envelope, sealed it and wrote on top: "To be opened in our descendant centenary day of my death." Envelope inviolably kept in Gatchina Palace was opened by Nicholas II in 1901, 100 years since the death of Paul I. So the emperor learned of the tragic fate of his family and himself. But where now book with prophecies Abel? After all, they could be further information and times? According to some reports, the notebook is stored in the secret archives of the Russian Orthodox Church and its contents are not disclosed.
St. Seraphim of Sarov, who lived at the same time with Abel, and the priest, rector of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt John of Kronstadt, who lived in the second half of the nineteenth century — the beginning of the twentieth century, as if repeating a prediction Abel of the tragic death of the royal family. But here is the documents themselves, which may have been recorded and their other predictions about the future of time, may also be kept secret in the archives of the Church.
End of the World, as well as information about the events leading up to it, presented in his book, "The Rose of the World" Soviet philosopher and thinker Daniel Andreev (d. 1959), a book published. On its pages, he describes future events in the world, which, in his view, will take place in our twenty-first century, and in the next 300 years. Here's how several words of his information.
There will come a time when all state lands voluntarily join the Federation, all Christian Churches reunite and sign a free union with all the other religions of the light pattern. So the old religion, as rose petals, will merge into one flower to the international religion Roza Mira, then come for the Golden Age of humanity. Judging by the contents of the book, it can occur in this age or in the next. The exact date of the event, as always, only God knows. In the era of Rose of the World will again begin to elect Pontiffs — the heads of the Church. Only during the life of Rose of the World, which will be about 200 years old, will be 26 elected pontiff. (Elected and Pontiffs of our age. Total since the Apostle Peter, and to the present time, when the current pope was elected Benedict XVI, in the list of 265 names appear Pontiffs).
The head of the Federation of State will be elected by all the people of the Supreme Spiritual Guide, which its activities will contribute to the spiritual growth of the society through the development of culture, ethics, religion, spirituality, the establishment of virtue and righteousness. Particular attention will be given to the purity and high morality in sexual matters. By the way, in the Soviet Union acted and enforced moral code of the builder of communism. What he observed in the Soviet Union, the German authorities have confirmed Nazi Germany, when occupied large areas of Ukraine, Belarus and western Russia. They noted a high percentage of virgins among Soviet women. For example, when they were recruited to be sent to Germany to work the girls aged 18 and above, for medical examination by German doctors recorded more than 90% of virgins. These and other experiences of German soldiers and officers of the occupied peoples of the USSR in the book "The Germans on the Russian" published in Moscow by the publishing house "Capital" in 1995.
In short, during the Rose of the World will be set authoritative ethical control over state power over the nations. High mentor will help edit the Supreme Council, consisting of representatives of all the wisest nations, experts of all disciplines. Residence — the world capital of each of the newly elected Supreme Master, is the main city of the country from which he is elected. For example, in Russia, Moscow and New Delhi in India will double this capital. At a time when the Pope was elected the eighth (about mid-century XXII) on Earth to establish harmony and order. All the forces of society will be directed to the spiritual and physical perfection of man.
But by then start rising conflict between the ruling elite and the humanitarian part of the society, which was occupied by the production of wealth, the creation of favorable conditions for life, making progress in science and technology, but there was, as it were on the sidelines. Over time, these differences will increase. The scientific and technical intelligentsia, businessmen and other members of society engaged in the production of wealth, will join a growing number of people who get tired of the spiritual life, you get tired of ubiquitous control of ethical life. They want more freedom, permissiveness, especially in the sexual sphere. That is when they will desire to have the Supreme Master, which would have given a free hand in all forms and types of sensual pleasures.
These feelings and then take advantage of the Antichrist.

With its exceptional ability, he was 30 years old to take holy orders, get up at the head of scientific and technical intelligentsia and the business community, will have greater recognition and respect among all peoples demonstration of miracles and around the beginning XXIII century, after the violent death of the Supreme Master, aged 33 years usurps this position with the support of their supporters — half of humanity. The other half of humanity, mostly people of Asia, does not recognize the Antichrist Supreme mentor and elect another mentor from his supporters. So supporters of Antichrist will prevail over the humanities. An era of machine civilization in a powerful science and technology with the full spirituality, which will lead to great advances in science and technology. There are even designed to create projects on Mars and Venus normal living conditions for the purpose of migration to these parts of the planet earthlings. But all of these technological advances achieved through the use of its resources, will lead to almost complete depletion of Nature.

All the factors restraining the animal nature of man, will be removed. Come decades of permissiveness, which is especially manifest itself in decline in morals, in the mass shamelessness and sophisticated debauchery in orgies — public intercourse on the streets, the stages of theaters and squares in a festive atmosphere. By public and religious organizations the right of people to this permissiveness will even be encouraged and protected. An era of persecution and violence on supporters of a righteous life, and elected their Supreme Monitors. The last of them will even be executed. Golden Age will end in XXIII century. Rose of the World will be prohibited, and the Church will go to the catacombs.
By the way, in our time, too, there are signs of the decline of morality. They appear in a mass rally homosexuals, gay marriage allowed by law, in the appearance of numerous brothels, clubs and massage parlors with a dubious reputation in the demonstration on television, in newspapers, on the Internet, at theaters, concert halls and clubs, erotica, pornography, intimacy, strippers, etc. Among the girls enthusiastically embraced fashion in clothes with bare torso and ultrashort skirts. May indeed be right those who decline of morality, no sense of shame regards as one of the sure signs of approaching the time of great upheaval in the world, then all of the meaning of life will change.
Its magnificent capital of the Antichrist will erect in Europe among the Alps, there are tens of millions of people live. By that time, all written and other sources on the virtues of the Golden Age will be destroyed, and the new generation of people will no longer have any idea about it. And finally, in the world at the behest of the Antichrist will igvy — erudite demonic creatures, who are representatives of antihumankind lower realms of being and having a dense organic body, similar to the physical. But this body is created by aggie — Material demonic, which is characterized by a highly limited number of primary terms. Igvy will multiply on the earth, there will be hybrids of people and IIV, half-poluigvy.

The power of the Antichrist, according to Daniel Andreev, will last a hundred years. In XXIV century Antichrist will die as a result of reforms to be carried out on the subtle planes of the earth according to the will of the Planetary Logos of Jesus Christ. Antichrist in front of the people disappear, how would fail in the depths of the earth, to the bottom, and then continue to fall further, to the bottom of the Galaxy. Until about 30 years after the world is full of chaos reign, anarchy, war and chaos. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will put an end to it. This will be the Biblical End Times, the Last Judgment. And the earth and mankind will step transformation. Minority of the population, preserve righteousness and faithfulness to Christ, transformed physically, their physical bodies will be instantly enlightened. Most of the population, which morally corrupt in blind devotion to the Antichrist, also physically change, but after that will be according to their karma in the worlds of retribution, in purgatory.

Here is the brief information about future events, which, on presentation of Daniel Andreev, described in his book "The Rose of the World", will cover a period of 400 years, from our XXI century XXIV century inclusive. Like any predictions, this prediction Daniel Andreev can believe and not believe. Because according to the Bible, only the Lord God knows the precise timing and nature of future Changes on Earth.

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