Secrets of the laboratory HAARP

"HAARP"-stands for "frequency of active research project aurora." The title of this South American project camouflages the fact that it has the potential to become a bigger disaster for the world's population than the creation of the atomic bomb. The truth of the matter is that the HAARP facility can be used to combat the sci-fi type. Here we are dealing with an obscure test. Under the guise of safe names "HAARP" South American government is planning to bomb the sky beams of energy facilities bolshennyh antennas. These energy rays are then reflected back to Earth from the ionosphere as electric waves of very low frequency (ELF).
This process is capable of transforming these ELF waves in a very tricky instrument:
1. These ELF vibrations are able to leak into the brain of humans and animals if the vibrations were aimed at them. It is not only immobilize the prey, preventing at least some movement or a protective effect, but also cause a spiritual disorder. A useful tool for the military, these waves can also seep through the brick walls and steel.
2. Frequency ELF make better radio contact, and [radio] reception, even inside bunkers and atomic submarines.
3. ELF vibrations can seep through the Earth and discover the hidden bunkers.
4. ELF waves can be used for tracking and precise detection of missiles, aircraft and other aircraft, even on the other side of the globe.
5. Hour

These abilities are, but only one facet of technology HAARP. Likely extraneous effects that are disturbing, should also be considered. In fact as of today no one quite understands how the ionosphere responds to the impact of these rays. We must mean that the ionosphere is very fragile. Together with the ozone layer, it protects the planetoid Land and all the relevant forms from the deadly rays gallakticheskogo place. Definitely maybe that extra energy rays emitted by HAARP applets are not only disturbed, but practically destroy this sensitive system and the protective ozone layer. Naturally, the various military groups, and shall be removed scientists recognize this danger as they cheerfully assume that nothing is going to happen. Because they continue this project, despite the warnings and, by 2003, will [set] 180 antennas that initiate this madness. At the current time are tested with the introduction of about 60 gathered antennas. At the foot of the mountains of Alaska forest of antennas as a testing ground for radiovoyny. Oh, so this should work: Above the ozone layer is fragile ionosphere, gas-rich layer electronic particles, referred to as ions. Scientists intend to heat up this ionosphere, using massive antenna HAARP Makar so that the beam of high-frequency radio waves could be released in certain regions of the ionosphere. In turn, this will create artificial ion clouds that can work like an optical lens. These lenses will be applied to reflect the low frequency ELF waves. These vibrations may be applied, for example, for detecting the presence of aircraft, but are also useful for confusing and deadly purposes: they can be targeted to other regions of the Earth's surface Depends on the angle at which the reflected radio frequency of ion lenses. Long, long ago Mars lost its atmosphere. A similar fate may soon threaten the Earth … the result of irresponsible and coming down from the brain Yankees, who should also be responsible for the more destructive madness second World War, the atomic bomb. The U.S. government is trying to appease everyone, claiming that HAARP is a purely academic experience, but almost HAARP-masking huge project ray guns. These antennas are huge advantage for the new military elite, while they represent a potential danger to the entire planet and all of its current forms. An indispensable study of the impact of the project HAARP for the environment prevents the ability of the configurations of the ionosphere, which, among other effects that may affect the ozone layer. It is very curious that this study was not made for South American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Air Force and the U.S. Navy. It should not come as a surprise that in reality, the South American military intend to bomb the ozone layer and the ionosphere, this ray gun. After all Americans have always wanted to be the greatest and most powerful civilization in the world. But, of course, that this responsibility can not be placed on the American people who are against this applets and who have a sincere, positive human intentions. They also are responsible for some nasty parts that have an impact, too, that other people are restricted to enter into this circle. Despite this, the question remains, why deliberately taken such a risk of this kind of uncontrolled chain reaction in the borders and the ozone layer and the ionosphere? The answer is twofold: * create work for the military, as well as the role of large and small businesses; * HAARP-creating means a thing that has a characteristic he has authority from the introduction of its guns.

Development of HAARP can "unleash" the power by which anything even remotely can not be countered. Prior to the current day or all the scenarios of nuclear attack nachilie included several explosive devices that create a strong electric pulses (EMP), which detonated at high altitude. Using HAARP as a weapon, the same result can be achieved even without nuclear power. However, HAARP is capable of doing a lot more, as it can seep deep within the earth, where, for example, can be placed oil supplies or the previously mentioned hidden bunkers. The fact that certain types of radiation are not only unsafe, but almost deadly to humans, plants and animals, is simply accepted without hesitation. Despite the fact that HAARP can be used as a super-radar device and, at once, as a destructive device against the aircraft, there is no justification for what are threats to life of all human beings, animals and plants, and in general the whole existence of the planet. This fact seems to be unacceptable by the military elite, officials of huge companies and people power in the U.S. government. In contrast, these groups seem to be satisfied with the fact that they do not violate the agreements on the cessation of nuclear tests (which, in any case, last), or of anti-missile defense systems or disarmament. Moreover, they are satisfied that their criminal trial escaped global attention to the present day or because their activities are contained in almost complete secrecy and the fact that in the main public simply does not pay attention to this situation. Microwave beam guns and war, is almost a reality man can not allow ourselves to lose the ozone layer, or at least some other layer surrounding the planetoid, to lose his life and the life of the plant and animal world. The world's population can not afford for themselves thrust into the atmosphere rays gigawatt devices that squeeze around the Earth's atmosphere, to intervene and even kill their harmony. At a minimum, the wounds inflicted on these layers as a result of this madness, never will be healed and will put under threat earthly life, maybe forever. At the current time the HAARP installation is only used for a decent tests, climatic violations are taking place around the world, what more can not focus on. These facts do not seem to be a very nasty nor the people who are responsible for the program from HAARP, or their subordinates. They even deny that natural disasters that are currently taking place on a global scale, have no relationship to their unsafe tests. Pleiadians / Plezharantsy insist, but that there really smooth link between pollution and destruction of the environment and global warming. Even if the tests HAARP until a low level,
this example program already includes floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and storm weather conditions.

Pilots of aircraft are given annotation approach to avoid this construction, because this operation may already be in full swing or will be somewhere in the 1998 total is only 1-gigawatt of energy is enough to make a hole in the ionosphere. But the full power of this ray gun will be increased to 100 gigawatts … 100 billion watts. In fact, this new beam weapon will affect and damage the consciousness of human beings and animals, and, of course, all the genetic fund of land animals, plants and people. Also, all highly sensitive energy field of the Earth can be affected to the extent that the pole shift. The bombardment of the ionosphere represents many unsafe, destructive and deadly abilities, but those who are responsible for it, do not give these thoughts even second plan. As a result, they are forging full speed this project a secret weapon that allows you to undermine part of the ozone and heat the ionosphere. In 1945, the South American scientists under the mandate of the government and the U.S. military blew up the first atomic bomb in modern history. Later, they admitted that they failed to take into account in advance of what could happen in reality in the explosion, perhaps, could be the result of a nuclear chain reaction that would have slept the whole atmosphere of the Earth, even the whole planetoid. Their situation is the same now as it was with the testing of a nuclear bomb, and the chance of destruction of HAARP is 50:50.

This experience is now being carried out with the same threats as the bombing in 1945, even if our worst fear did not materialize then because "everything went well", others macabre scenarios have been the result of these earlier tests. Were built and dropped more bombs on residential areas, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Untold numbers of people were disfigured by burns, and many descendants of victims exposed to radiation of infection increased by monstrous creatures replaced in order to become human. In the upcoming, large areas were contaminated with radionuclides in the world and at the moment have become ineligible for the habitat for many thousands of years. Atombnyh bomb test results, as well as the commercial use was of infection. As if that was not enough, nuclear materials used for peaceful purposes, have made untold number of victims around the world, infecting a radiation event, inadvertently or with criminal intent.

In these matters, the United States led the list of offenders as well as power-hungry people of this civilization sanctioned secret research criminally using radioactive treatment, healing, etc. tyschah on innocent people in a huge number of villages and towns. This type of research shows such a lack of human sympathy that we put into question whether they were or are just terrible, ruthless and irresponsible monsters? The atomic bomb that was used, and continues to be used for commercial purposes as a "peaceful nuclear energy source", has caused eternal pain, begging and irreparable damage worldwide. The destruction continues. Without looking at it, U.S. scientists at the present time and are planning to spend in the criteria of secrecy new atrocities against the population of the earth, a very controversial series of tests that will run the latest, futuristic, destructive and deadly system of terrible weapons. This system can be such a destructive and deadly unsafe as the atomic bomb, for the entire planet and all of its current forms, including the world's population. The particular outcome, as well as long-term results of this madness was a similar neoproedelennost, as in 1945, when it was blown up by the first atomic bomb. Indeed, some shocked scientists do not want to be related to the whole issue. They have a world view that life on earth in its true form, and the existence of the planet put again under threat actions of power-hungry people, namely, the government and the U.S. military.

The program HAARP is one of the greatest threats to the ozone layer by those scientists who still has a sense of responsibility. Moreover, the program HAARP can touch many nuances of the Earth, including its external sector and all relevant forms. Abilities range from skin cancer to the configurations in the areas of weather, from the frenzied byr and droughts to floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is clear that all of this everyday phenomenon-even at the moment, due to overpopulation madness and its consequences, like, for example, the destruction and pollution of our environment, global warming and the resulting shift of the weight in the upper layer of the Earth. But the ongoing HAARP experiments at the same time responsible for the moment for climate configurations, which in turn is included in the world earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and disaster protection. Those responsible for the program from HAARP, of course, deny that such a test generates this mess. But the Pleiadians / Plezharantsy categorically state that this is so. Further, they say that HAARP cause so much destruction, pain, suffering and devastation in the future that neither nature nor even what a creature will never be able to return to its normal state of equilibrium. Long-term effects will be bad influence on all the world, and the recovery will be impossible. At the moment, some time, the global hunt for ozone destroyers such as fluorohlorokarbonami lasts, and it's true.

Even South American industry and the government blocked many wounds environment and seem nebezralichnymi to the promotion and protection of life in general. This was confirmed by America's commitment to monetary penalties, which glorified many of its citizens, and they are used inhuman. An example of such a despotic indifference to the welfare of the people of the American power elite and their subordinates is to purchase new weapons HAARP. Without consulting any other of human inhabitants of this planet, their military break through insecure holes in the ionosphere and fragile, so Makarov, threaten the whole of earthly life. These powerful people assume the adoption of these tough decisions without worrying about anyone else, apart from their vile madness of power and megalomania. Indeed, the ionosphere will be damaged and partly dissolved applets HAARP, vozvolyaya so Makar, unsafe gallakticheskoy radiation leak free Earth's atmosphere. At least it proves that HAARP— irresponsible project. Such insanity can behold in the annals of human history, but it is a routine practice, hiding from people. In 1958, for example, three nuclear bombs were detonated in the atmosphere to influence the weather.

During the 2-year subsequent to this stupid action, were the result of a whole series of weather disasters. Three hundred and fifty thousand copper needles, each about 1-2 cm long, were fired into the ionosphere in the 1961 result was that Land avenged herself by an earthquake in Alaska, which was measured at 8.5 on the Richter scale, while in most of the coast of Chile has slipped into the ocean. In 1963, the U.S. military and the Soviet Union vzorvavali stomegatonnyh three nuclear bombs in the stratosphere and proporol a huge hole in the ozone layer. This is just some of the many criminal atrocities carried out against the people of the land by officials of the U.S. government and the former Soviet Union. In truth, a few dozen of these crimes can be attributed to the Yankees, French, Russian, French, Israeli, Chinese, and others who pursue similar malicious purpose. That, in what could leak HAARP, much worse than anyone had ever beheld. The threat comes fr
om his position, 320 km (200 miles) northeast of Anchorage. In this solitude of northern Alaska forest of antennas, which will consist of 360 towers, 24 meters (72 feet) in height, by means of which the military will shoot bundles of rays highest frequency in the ionosphere.

In an experimental form of this occurs within a certain time at the moment with the result that the increase in the number of accidents associated with hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The purpose of these experiments, and partly rezogret remove a layer of protection surrounding our planetoid. With all of this in the ionosphere are burned huge "lens" with intent to reflect the Earth radiated ELF waves. Bernard estlund, irresponsible student of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943 gg.), Prepared a scientific basis for HAARP. He patented his work in 1985 under the menacing title: "The process and mechanism of the configuration of the atmosphere, the ionosphere and / or magnetosphere of the Earth." This project has turned into a global vandalism because neohvatnoe amount of energy emitted from gigawatt capacity in the outer sphere of the Earth. Beat in the present and future impact of the results on this planetoid and all relevant forms, human, animal and plant, can not be assessed in any way. A couple of years after its invention estlund has lost all control over his patent, when met with financial neuvvyazkami.

He wrote that the antenna structure in Alaska in reality is a massive beam gun that can kill only those all networks, but also missiles, airplanes, satellites and much more. He claimed a third-party effects, and we want, and unwanted, including climate catastrophes around the world or at least in some regions, and unrestricted deadly radiation, from which there is no defense. Choice of locations for these disorders will be in the hands of irresponsible military and government officials, and others. There is also a side effect of passage to the surface of the Earth deadly radiation, from which there is no defense. Translated into Russian (c) 1998 You may copy and distribute to all those interesuet.toty ELF are one hundred percent overlap electrical devices and enemy radio communications.

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